Pax left behind a bottle of King Cobra

Here’s a story for you. After about 4 rides today my pax in the front seat looks down and says dude you have a snake in your car. I freaked and called 911. The fire dept got it out . I quickly realized it was two kid’s from the day before. They left a blanket behind and a
Of all things a bottle of King Cobra. Uber won’t do anything. They said they won’t match me again with the culprits. It was a 3 to 4 ft snake. They want me to file a police report. Hello uber has all the Pax info. What an inept company. Protecting passengers who committed a crime.

With a police report there is the opportunity of a court order to release the names and information on the pax.

Omg wait is it in a bottle is that what you’re saying? Or was it loose in your car

Wait I’m lost so it was a real snake or was it a bottle of cobra?

If it was a bottle of cobra and they left it in your car just throw it out and Move on ffs

Ok was this,suppose to be a,joke? Im,confused

It was a real snake. The bottle of cobra was in addition. They also left a blanket. Obviously they carried it into my vehicle with the blanket.

Uber care more about passengers than drivers … passengers is what make money they are only using drivers until they get there self driving cars

I’d sell my fucking car, no way, fuck that! That is horrific

You didn’t notice a snake in your car for a full day?!?!?

What crime was committed that caused you to file a police report? Is it illegal to lose a snake in California?

What a bunch of freaking babies over a little ol snakeWhat a bunch of freaking babies over a little ol snake

if anything, you didn’t check your vehicle for anything that can cause harm to your passenger.

So if they do that to another uber driver does that make them complicite with an act of terrorism. ? Seems like a Facebook viral video. That is scarlet beyond words.

I’m sure they lost their pet. Contact them to give it back. Police report??

Yea right. It was kids playing a bad prank. Fire dept. Took possession of it.

Can’t tell what kind of snake it is. Snakes are sneaky they will get out. Especially if you were dealing with drunk kids

You acting like it’s this huge crime. Someone left there pet snake in your car. That’s what happened. And it may not of even been the kids you were talking about. You didn’t see it so you don’t know. You called the police acting like a drama queen. You totally over reacted. You know you did.

Overreacted? if I knew there was a snake in my car I’d probably wreck the damn thing!

Why don’t you check your car for trash and shit after each pax? What was the “crime”?