Pax got angry for not allowing her to eat inside my car

A pax opened up her food while in route so I pulled over to ask her to not eat in my vehicle. She says why? I said because I just cleaned my car and it’s a BMW. She kept eating so I cancelled her ride and told her to get out. She slammed my door not realizing she left her food in my car so I thru it on the ground and pulled off. Smh

Good for you, I dont blame you. I don’t drive a beemer but I sure as hell worked hard for my new fusion and I’ll be damned if some dumb ass eats in my car too.

I got a focus and the interior on these new fords are fucking amazing!!!

I hate that, I mean there’s times where I’ll allow it for some strange reason but she had Chinese food and making a mess. #dumbass

I agree, to me thats just the rudest thing, no respect for another persons stuff.

There’s nothing rude about it at all. What’s rude is having anal-retentive rules you don’t tell the customer about until they break them.

Lol, well for your information, not that its any of your business but I do actually have signs and on those signs it says please no eating in the vehicle. It has nothing to do with being anal retentive, but the fact that cars aren’t cheap and I sure as fuck dont want to have to pay to have a seat or carpet cleaned every time someone cant wait to eat their food in their home like a normal human being. You sure seem to think you know alot but you’re the one that seems like a total anal retentive douche.

I let someone eat in my car. I even took him to get it… He said, " I wont drop a single bit." and he didn’t. When I dropped him off he took his trash with him and gave me a 10.00 tip.

that’s an awesome story, but majority of the time, people could typically care less about respecting someone elses property if it isnt their own and even then I dont know a ton of people who really even respect their own shit.

True, But I do not paint everyone with the same brush. I make these kind of decisions on a individual basis.

Sometimes they’ll offer to buy you something but still I won’t let them eat in my car

Here is how you stop someone from eating in your car. As soon as they have the food out and ready to be consumed, let one rip as loud as you can then turn off the AC.

Here comes the brown nosing drivers :joy::joy::joy: some of them think it’s the customers cars they’re driving.

Betcha don’t have a high rating…diplomacy, customer service, respect, & a little social skills will get you further.

100 rides later and all the bad ones are gone stop praising the system and praise yourself. I don’t let people have pets, food, smoke, give directions, use the aux, or sit in the front. Idc about ratings it’s my car my rules.

If you think lyft or uber deactivates people for ratings then you’re being controlled like everyone else.

you are very wrong uber may want you to think they care about the ratings but why is it we can’t see paxs? And you know why because some have a rating so low they pass them off to the new drivers that are learning it example when I started I got physically assaulted and verbally by an asshole that I got told by a cop where to wait for him or if get a ticket wanted me to do an illegal uturn while the same cop was sitting there waiting when I said no he began to call me all types of names and even punched me when I messaged uber they informed me this man had a 2 star rating and they refused to take him off the platform even with a police report on hand so then they lied and told me I would never get this pax again and I sure did a week later under a different name but same account did uber do anything nope not a damn thing so how is our rating any different then out pax?

My car still smells like the food I found on the floor last night. Stealth eating behind me :confused:

I had a pax ask if he could eat his muffin. I said sure and when you leave scrape your crumbs out. He said thank you. I told him thanks for asking and on his way out he scraped the crumbs and left a tip. College kid.

I let someone eat a piece of pizza in my car one time… I just asked that he didn’t leave the crust in my car if he wasn’t going to eat it… so he pulled the crust off and threw it in the yard…