Pax got 4 star for no tip

This evening a pax, who is so proud of his 5 stars, asked me when I would rate a pax 4 stars instead of 5 stars. I told him my riders get 4 stars when they don’t tip. He said he thought the tip was included in the fare. I said “nope”. Guess what? I received no tip. So he received 4 stars.

Stingy and cheap pax… Or a pax that doesn’t carry cash around like most people these days.

Good for you! Thank you for destroying his perfect 5 star rating that he didn’t deserve, because he didn’t tip. Fuck him! all my pax start out at 4 stars…until/unless they give me reason to rate them higher, which usually involves tipping or buying me a meal.

How would a pax know the reason for 4 stars is because they didn’t tip, unless you tell them. It’s not like you’re teaching them anything

it’s part of being a decent human being. Someone provides you a service. You tip for said service, regardless of what Uber tells you. If a person doesn’t tip, and their reason is that Uber said tips are not necessary, then they’re simply a shitty person who’s taking advantage of the opportunity to not feel bad about not tipping. 4 stars.

So you basically force people to tip you to give them a 5 star rating? That is bullshit. You wouldn’t want a server at a restaurant threatening you to get you to leave a tip.

If I was serving you at a restaurant and you didn’t leave me a tip you would get NO stars!

If you were serving me at a restaurant, I wouldn’t expect you to give me a rundown of what it takes for you to give me a high rating. Good service yields good results…tips. If I feel it’s a threat then you definitely won’t get a tip.

I have genuine good convo with my riders and tips are pretty much the norm. Get your socialization skills up.

Lots of socialization going on here on my trips. And, riders have a sign in the back of my car stating “Tips are not expected, but appreciated and they are not included in the fare”. UBER is a service just like a Server and you should always tip for a good ride.

Always?? What world are you living in? These people don’t make us drive for Uber/Lyft? You still shouldn’t jack their ratings up because they don’t leave you a tip.

Telling someone tippers get a 5 but non-tippers not is an absolute threat. If threats is how you run a business then sounds like you need to stop driving period and just punch a clock for your extra part-time of full-time side gig. Tipping is definitely nice but not required. Nobody is going to dictate how I handle my pockets, especially for a service that they voluntarily opt-in to.

try to go to your favorite restaurant and don’t tip the server you will find out for yourself the shitty service you’ll get when you come back next time.

these people don’t make us drive for Uber as you say, and every time I have taken a Taxi I have always tipped. UBER should have a place to leave a tip after their rating just like Lyft does. Good service deserves a tip.

These are the same riders that would generally never think of NOT tipping a taxi driver. I place this problem square in the lap of Uber because they marketed their service as no tips required. Now that they have lowered how much drivers get paid and tips are now o.k., they need to get the word out and ADD THE TIP OPTION TO THEIR APP!

Do you tip tax drivers, waiters, valets? Why would an Uber driver be any different? They are providing a time consuming service that is a convenience for the rider.

I’ll be in Vegas later this week and will be using Lyft and will be tipping.

my point is that you don’t thraten riders with a lower rating just to make them tip you. If you took the time to read what I said you’d see where I was coming from, but then again, obviously you’re a tip threatener yourself. Tips are definitely not but not required…in any field.

Is it possible he had no cash on him? He should have said so if that was the case. I do believe that 98% of riders think they don’t have to tip because it’s included. Use signs to educate your riders. It will benefit every Uber driver out there.

I tip for good service, but nobody is going to threaten my to get it. If I were told I would the only way I get a high rating was to tip you then I’d purposely not tip. Again, my piint was that you can’t threaten people to tip you.

I give all my riders 5 stars. All of my riders have been awesome. I want a 5 star too. I don’t know of they are giving me a tip or not on the app

4K+ rides and a 4.9 rating; no tip = 4*. Oh, you’d love to tip but don’t have cash? F&ck you, you just earned 3* for lying! Be an adult, have cash for a situation you’re probably in often. And why are there always these BS sanctimonious drivers that are above tips, even tho our fares are half and tipping cabbies is the norm?