PAX, aren't they special?


(Lisa Markee) #1

Someone got a bit butthurt today and gave me a 1 star and professionalism badge :slight_smile:

They get in, AC is cold, they open a back window. It’s 98f, 115f with humidex. I say nothing. We hop on the highway, and the buffeting starts. My car is bad for it. They don’t close the window so I do.

The back seat pax who opened the window sent a text message to the pax who ordered the ride and was sitting in the front seat. So she asks me if I closed it, I said yes, the buffeting was bad.

She says to me you could have discussed it first, to which I said, did anyone ask me if it was ok to open my window in my car in this heat?

(Jack Dolen) #2

That is insane. I would have kicked them out. I hate people

(Mark Moore) #3

They figured their cheap assed fare entitles them to ownership and it’s privileges for the duration of the ride.

(Kelly Hector) #4

You should have opened all windows all the way when confronted and blasted their asses with the heat especially rear pax lol

(Bector Ernest) #5

I hate that kind of heat and it was circling around in the car covering me in it. Oh well, I’ve turned off rear seat access to the windows.

(Melinda Foster) #6

The trick to stop the buffeting is to crack one of the front windows. It’s an aerodynamic issue with all these new cars. You have to break the circle the air is making in the back of the car by giving it a path out from the front.

(Jonathan Green) #7

She says to me “I didn’t know we had to ask permission”, I said, “when I’m in someone else’s car, I don’t assume I can do as I please, I ask out of respect, but I guess I’m just old like that”

(Peter Nelson) #8

I would’ve pulled over and asked them to leave. Find another car.

(Harold Young) #9

I go with what Robert said. Crack the front window. I always have to do this. It’s ok to lock the windows too. Then they can ask. Sometimes I think these pax do this to annoy us.

(Dennis Scott) #10

And they are on Twitter say Drivers are stingy with A/C.
Looks like can’t win. SAD

(Allicia Lopez) #11

Communication with your client is essential people. If they open the Window you need to communicate with them and ask them do you need more Air in The Back or we’re getting on the Freeway now and its getting loud and I need to close the Window. Communication be direct and Diplomatic and honest with them and they will respond in kind. Communication it’s a Ride share not a Cab People. Customers tend to forget that you need to remind them.

(Jerry Hall) #12

Last night 1 of my riders make me put my a/c in 75 degrees I was cooking my ass inside my car :joy::joy::joy::joy:

(Timothy Clark) #13

I drive for RTA , and PAX open windows, I’ll pull over and go back and close it , they just look at me like what the hell , they think they own that $400,000 bus because they paid .75 cents

(Harris Frank) #14

Omg I took an uber today they had all the windows down no AC thought I was gonna melt and had hair done that went out the window literally

(Eric Moore) #15

My kids do that all the time. I just crack mine so the sound stops

(Jill Aron) #16

I would have pulled over and said since you didn’t ask me to open my window in this heat and I’m waiting my gas trying to keep it cold in here…Well you can get out…

(Jose Hernandez) #17

I keep my windows locked, that way they need to ask… it’s my car, and my job is to provide a ride from A to B. Maybe if it’s a surge ride I’ll unlock them.

(Anderson Lee) #18

Screw them! They think they own ours cars. Who cares about 1 bad rating. Ratings don’t mean anything.

(Kenneth Miller) #19

I think it’s cool that you offer a buffet in your car. I don’t even give water

(Paul Garcia) #20

The first thing I say to my Pax is “Let me know if it’s too hot or too cold” I’ve never had an issue.