Passenger sitting in front

Do you mind when a single passenger insist on sitting in the front with you?

No whatever makes them comfortable there paying for my service… When they ask, I simply tell them to sit wherever they’re comfortable. I don’t care where they sit…including the trunk!

No unless they start rubbing my arm or leg… then it’s “keep your hands to your self, I’m married” I don’t care where they sit

Not at all. I feel like sometimes ppl can make this way more difficult than it has to be. Driving someone from point A to B. Sit wherever you feel comfortable, and I’ll take you to where you wanna go. If you wanna talk along the way great, I’m full of conversation. If not that’s cool too I got a nice Playlist and we can ride that out.

Hell I prefer it. I cancan watch them better. In the back seat they have a advantage on you if they want to try something… I prefer it. I don’t care where they sit.

not to get all metaphysical and hippie but I just feel like you get what you put out, I’ve had minimal issues ever and don’t expect to with ppl because it’s just not that serious. Even if you’re only going around the corner, fuck it, it is what it is. I’ll catch the next one and that’ll be the one. I just try and keep my glass half full. If not then I turn the app off it’s pretty much that simple with me.

I like them on the right pax side. My mirror set to see their every move while they are there. Rear driver side is ok to because while we are chatting I can see them from mirror. But; once they sit at front, I have to keep turning my head to talk to them. I hate that. And also they fuck with my seat settings.

I went to the Meijer Auto section and bought this wide angle rearview clip on mirror, and conversations with passengers are great no matter where they sit. Actually, I’ve had several passengers who think it looks very cool! That and they like being able to have a conversation while actually seeing the driver’s face; not having to lean over in order to see me in my regular rearview mirror.

Honestly I prefer they sit in the back but whatever they are comfortable with. In cold season I wish I could insist something!

I’m okay with people sitting in the front seat. I don’t mind, especially when they look and smell good…lol. We usually have great conversation when they sit in front

The problem with them sitting up front is you don’t know if they’re sick, if they’re crazy, if they enjoy touching shit, or if they’re a control freak and have to control everything. Safety first people, make them sit in the back! We get background checks, they don’t!

It’s just poor etiquette to jump in the front.

Big and Tall, are the ONLY exception!! The backseat is more difficult for them to get in and out.

My dad really struggles to get out of the car for sure

Safety first would be letting them sit in front…From a tactical stance you have a better chance at defending yourself if you see it coming

Ever seen that video of the taxi driver shot in the back of the head? Dude never saw it coming. I like them being in the front. I can watch their hands and movements. I’m also in a better location to physically subdue them should they try to grab something.

I don’t care to drive late at night. I only need enough to cover a few bills so I’m not going to risk death for the nutty doped up drunkards. Thanks

Idc as long as they understand my bubble ( personal space) and don’t be touching my dash and controls without permission. One guy literally was changing my volume on radio and changing temps all without even thinking to ask the owner of the car…:expressionless:

I hate that shit too! When they try to change the music I turn it off since I have a button on my wheel for music volume and the on/off switch. They freak out when i do that cuz I tell them “oh I hope you didn’t break it cuz Uber/Lyft charged the last person $500 so I could get it fixed” :joy::joy::joy::ok_hand:

What I really don’t like is the One that wants to just sit behind me. I know and you got it all the way back on purpose right, gee some people… just last night I had to go threw this and it did’nt stop the pax from sitting there.

Me too . I can’t see what they are doing and my seat is back further than the pax side, unless you need to order from a drive thru or atm why sit there. I’m going to try that…

I don’t mind but I got approved for my dog be with me but if Dodgers not with me yeah cool don’t mind