One of the reasons why I still Uber regardless of the rates

I wanted to share this with those striking especially in the Detroit Market. Friday night I had an encounter with a pax that because of the people striking this lady couldn’t get a ride for an hour. Why do I point this out, she couldn’t get to her kid for an hour. As parents, think about not having family in a new area or know anybody and you have no ride. This is why I still Uber regardless of the rates, for.people like this.

Every driver refused her and notified her of the rates. They were sitting ducks playing stupid.

What crap. There are taxis, Lyft, etc. Plus I think having to wait a whole hour is bullshit because I don’t believe that many drivers participated in the strike. You could remove half the drivers and still very likely have way too many of them available at any given time.

What did she do before TNC’s?

She could’ve ordered XL, Select, Black, SUV. She had options and plenty of them.

I totally agree with the others about shifting blame onto drivers.

This is Travis problem not the drivers

Ownership. Responsibility! I am not responsible to someone trying to get to their kid. She can take a cab or even hitchhike.

Yea i cant afford private school for my kids because of the low rates… Where do I complain about that? /sarcasm

Lol well she should email uber and tell them to stop fucking the drivers over and pay us what we deserve

She should have called a cab. What a terrible mother for letting her kid sit somewhere for an hour.

Tell her to GET A CAB!!! Nobody feel sorry for drivers, I’m not gonna feel sorry for strangers. Go do volunteer jobs if you’re so sorry for her.

GTFO. We’re under no obligation to work just like they’re under no obligation to use the service. People nowadays are dumb as shit. Ridesharing didn’t even exist 5 years ago. How do you think people got around? Certainly not by relying on a nonexistent Rideshare company. Don’t guilt people into working because someone is too stupid to think for themselves. She had other options, she chose not to use them. No ones fault but her own.

This is the type of person that needs to writ uber as a pax and say " because of ubers ruthless and unethical tactics many drivers aren’t driving. Because of this I am having transportation issues. Uber, please stop the shananagins so that I can continue to use this service as my transportation."

If drivers could ride with their children in the car you might have a point.

I feel bad for her but I don’t, on Monday nights I would sometimes get a lady from her job, make a stop to get her kid at 1 am. Then take them home. I know it’s harder for her now because her job was near the airport and now no one is at the airport much because it does not surge. Most ppl only driving in surges. No guilt trip will make me go drive. But $$$ will! I’m in the Detroit market!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. If Uber was taking care of the people who makes them their money, this woman wouldn’t have had this problem.

If she used uber she has a smart phone. If she wasn’t smart enough to use her smart phone to find another option to pick up her son she does not need to have a child. When I was a child my moms car broke down often. I rode in taxis, other ppl cars, rented cars, borrowed cars, Busses, transportation company ride cars, walked a few miles. She had plenty other options!

Right. And back in the day when I was a single mother with no car, and no transportation, I didn’t experience anyone helping me out or saving my sorry ass. I remember standing at the bus stop waiting for a bus that never came, so I could get home to my children. At night. In the snow. Freezing cold.

The woman probably ordered Pool so strike or no strike, no one was coming to get her sorry ass either.

What has that got to do with us? She could’ve called a cab

This… This right here, is probably the dumbest thing I read on this page. So now, drivers can’t strike for a higher pay because it might inconvenient someone?