Oh I'm getting a tip then dammit.....just the tip


(Brahim Decker) #41

My opinion: but like damn how did shit end up to a smashing point, stranger gets a ride gets in car… then what!? What exactly are you conversing abt with in a 5min 30min ride lol or even hrs… like what which ya HOT ASS!!! :ear::ear::ear:

(Cody Parker) #42

well with my new lyft bae it started out as you cute as shit we gonna circle the 285 all night long with the app on and I’m gonna pay for your time we drove talked chopped it up all night long and the rest is history I just saw him too this morning lol

(Marsha_Smith) #43

Pandora, leather seats, and good conversation can really turn a woman on, especially when she’s been hit on by drunk probably DL guys at the club all night. A decent conversation can be a hellava drug!

(Chris Stipe) #44

I almost did one night picking up this girl. We was riding I was playing some Usher, she hopped in the front seat but I never took it there lol. It’s kinda hard smashing somebody I barely know

(Rakesh Sharma) #45

But the post didn’t say a one night stand lol it said if you ever smashed a passenger that could have been a week or a month after meeting them as your pax.

(Abdul Karim) #46

Lyft driver told me he was outside a club on Buford Hwy Doraville about 3am in morning, waiting on people to leave club request rides, but he fell asleep in car, wake up to a drunk lady who wanted to get in car and suck and fuck him, after he fuck her he ask for her phone number, she said no I am married bye

(Snyder Reed) #47

That’s crazy but kinda sexy as well how a woman just ran up on a man and used him for his dick really quick… Like it was her portal to bliss then dipped on his a ass.

(Hassan) #48

I got a couple of numbers from a couple of bad chicks but no action yet. Lol one girl asked me if I wanted her to squirt. Since squirters are harder to find than unicorns I was like yeah she was like $100 I was like man get out of my car lol

(Laura Lee) #49

But best believe if I smash a passenger my iPhone will be on VOICE RECORDING. Wont have me in the news Uber\Lyft driver raped a passenger, passenger suing for millions. I’m just saying. Ladies y’all don’t have this problem.

(Abel) #50

If you use a condom and keep your eyes closed the whole time… It’s not really sex… It’s just exercise for 5Stars and a $122 tip.

Right ???