Oh I'm getting a tip then dammit.....just the tip

I can’t believe how many women homes I deliver Uber Eats to that answer the door in panties and T-shirt. Wait!! I just realized that might be on purpose!!! They see who is coming!! Maybe that’s not the way to say that… LMAO

I’m guilty BUT not really

I knew her BEFORE she was a passenger

I just happened to pick her up one night

He owns several pizza joints in Atl, was in a band that went viral, a Jew, high asf, had plenty of cash and a powder-like substance all over him lol

Why you telling us about you sellin pussy to passengers? Did you not see what happened to the last woman that said some crazy shit?

hmmm I don’t know if you can read or not or maybe you don’t know what jk means… It means ‘just kidding’ soooo keep calm. It was only a joke.

Riiiight… I’m calm actually however sensitive ass white people dont look at it like we do. They will screenshot just the part with you telling your dirt and shop the story around. Just watch watcha say. Jokes are cool but that shit could backfire on ya

Never have…but let Oprah’s big ass get in this back seat!! Damn right I’m smashing and we having an Uber baby too…twins if I’m lucky. Mary J Blige’s ex won’t be the only one getting paid!!

Nothing wrong with 2 adults having consensual sex (both parties want to) regardless of how they meet. If it happens to be a pax/driver so be it.

The information you are reading is just for entertainment. If information is being missed used are is published in any news paper are tv report are talked beyond this group with out person are person say so action will be taken…


My disclaimer

Whats the difference if you meet someone at the club, store, mall,etc… just because yall meet in the car dosnt mean anything. If the chemistry is right and the time is right why not? You have to let your hangs go and stop worrying about the wrong things. If yall are both grown adults who care how or why. The only thing that should matter is how good it was. Or where will it lead.

Plus im a male so its different for me than it is for a female but even if your a female if you meet the right pax it dosnt matter what yall do yall are grown and thats yall business

Nope not thinking abt that neither Just really curious abt how many there is? And also slick calling them out :joy::joy::joy: im here for the stories lol and no im not a blogger

Were is the self love and respect in that. Chemistry isn’t everything that’s what is wrong with the world today. Folks find it so easy to just lay around when the wind blows whatever direction it blows. Folks better wake up and get selective. :roll_eyes:

Self love is what masturbation is for. Self respect is for yourself. Nobody said anything about looking for the 1. Or your next future husban or wife. You can hold out if you want and keeping waiting for mr or mrs right to hop in your backseat but for me it isnt that deep.

Pretty easy to do driving for Uber or Lyft in ATL :joy::sob::smirk:

Them stories I have… sometimes atl just make me say wow. People really that bold. (Fellas if she says she just move to atl and has no friends, it’s a set up!)

I am gay :woman_facepalming:t4:Not mine yours :joy: I asked if he was your boyfriend cause I see him doing a damn good job lmao but before I could read his response the post disappeared :ghost: :tired_face: And what I can’t say zaddy cause I’m a stud :thinking::joy: girlllllll boo lmao

Wait one HOLY MIN where is the picture Sammie Jai im crying what happened i didnt get a chance to comment :joy::joy::joy:

it’s funny asf & its lame asf! Somebody already removed it once. It wasn’t me. I don’t care. I like the attention. Childish ass females :joy::joy::joy::joy::fist:t5::fist:t5::fist:t5:

Sammie Jai go away! Go to work. You’re so under me. Can you stop tagging me in this shit… I’m not gonna speak to you. Just chill out, go and make some money. Do something productive other than “trying” to make me upset by your words.

Im wit the shit lets not get emotional abt it lol theres no shame in my game… and No ones gonna whoop this grown ass !! :tongue: