Oh I'm getting a tip then dammit.....just the tip


(Maurice Nixon) #21

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Carla Taylor IJS lol. After so many tides of grown ass folks in the ATL in yo car… If you able, you done found/picked up something you like lol. And maybe another driver as well might be thrown in there :roll_eyes: lol

(Andrew Martin) #22

Hmmm. A wise meme once said, “when the wrong people leave your life, the right things start happening!!” :joy::joy::joy:

(Kimberly Nelson) #23

Yep. I’ve given rides to too many married folks getting dropped off at their gay lovers house or at a hotel with a trans hooker. I don’t know how natural born women are staying in business in the Atl because vagina doesn’t seem to be in style anymore unless someone is into 50 shades of grey shit. :joy::expressionless::thinking: I feel bad for their wives. There’s two types of cheaters: those who actively seek it, and those who say don’t say no to opportunities.

(Sharon Green) #24

Since when did taking rideshare equate to not having a vehicle is the question people need to ask them selves. I cringe when people say that lol. I wasn’t saying you lol I was saying people in general. I didn’t get the notion that you were saying it I got the notion that you were saying what other people felt.

(Sue Cooper) #25

Maaaannn if u asked me I say some of y’all some lucky folks if yall smashed a passenger and they was worth it :joy::joy::joy:

(Donna Harris) #26

Well… only that one time she threw it at me. Couldn’t get rid of her.
*note to self: stop doing the most. You have nothing to prove *

(Michaela Biksacky) #27

I swear I thought the same thing when someone said a pax touched them. I looked at her pics and said “she should be happy someone wanted to even touch her”

(Sheena Washington) #28

I know I include myself in that category that’s why I ain’t flexing for the book. These folks need to cut the crap. Ain’t no random stranger trying to fuck these bugawoos

(Brendan Halai) #29

Every male passenger I have try to smash (of a certain type) and I’m below average. These male passengers will smash anything :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

(William Murphy) #30

I took it as him saying that some of these women weren’t cute enough to smash and I was just saying it’s just so much easier to smash a pax as a woman. I know if I had multiple pax trying to holler at me then it probably goes for every woman, I ain’t exactly Gabrielle Union :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Carla Taylor, did that clear it up?

(Graham Sandy) #31

I made a statement, your a freak nasty if u have! Only cause someone was bragging… Thee end… then next thing i kno CONFESSION OF A DRIVER STARTED!!

(Mathew Boolean) #32

Some may be fake… But all I know is…I I even gotta get in my car…it’s enough folks in my DM from this group to keep me pleased if I wasn’t tied down lol… The shit happens… And often… Hell especially wit men… They will fuck anything especially when they drunk

(Trish Richardson) #33

When people make vague ass comments like yours without being specific to any particular person…you get such responses… I would go deeper but hey…the comment wasn’t for me so I’ll digress… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. Have a blessed night

(Lance Rodriguez) #34

It wasn’t vague it was a direct comment. No need to name names. Lol. You didn’t digress. Learn what digress is before you use the word. And I’m having a bless night. :joy: this group is hilarious.

(Melinda Foster) #35

I love being a sexy ass chocolate handsome motherfucker wit a killer smile and my own swag… A confident slightly egotistical mofo that gets what he wants mostly without even trying… And a choosey freak at that. #PettyJustBecause

(Bector Ernest) #36

This the best time to drive. A rainy Thursday night. Just before a holiday… the stories that folks are gonna have tomorrow…:joy::joy::joy:

(Kelly Hector) #37

yes and save these good ole weekend stories for my show on Monday. We do a weekend drive recap. It’s always something going on over the weekends! The Pick Me Up at Five Show

(Jack Dolen) #38

I can’t believe how many women homes I deliver Uber Eats to that answer the door in panties and T-shirt. Wait!! I just realized that might be on purpose!!! They see who is coming!! Maybe that’s not the way to say that… LMAO

(Lisa Markee) #39

O​:thinking: she let me know on the way to work then later after work we smashing then shit crazy I got 2 regulars and they think it’s cool they smashing uber/lyft driver us drivers winning I don’t Even go out no more lol :rofl::joy:dead ass

(Christian Odom) #40

Y’all crazy. I had a few encounters with some fine ass women unexpectedly. Like someone else said, we’re all human right? Some of us are even single! lol