Nothing good comes after midnight

Tonight I accepted a ride after midnight, against my better judgement.

The three female passengers were intoxicated. Their friend asked me to please get them home safely and physically put two on the girls into my car and strapped them in.

Confirmed the location, began driving using Waze. The girls are on their phones.

I approached the freeway. The ride requestor, Stephanie, became belligerent, demanding to know why I didn’t take a quicker route. (Insert Profanity, derogatory remarks, and threats) I purposely missed the freeway entrance and asked her if she’d like alternative transportation. I pulled into a parking lot away from the main road so that the girls wouldn’t stumble into traffic, and cancelled the ride.

The two girls apologized for their friend’s behavior and got out of the car without issue. Stephanie would not exit. (Insert yelling, profanity, trump comments, racism, white privilege, threats.) Calmly, I asked her again to exit my vehicle. She did and then started kicking my tires and slapping my windows.

I dialed 911. Dispatch has her recorded threatening to harm me, and threatening to make false claims to Lyft that I was racist to her. One of my favorite comments from her was that my little white ass is privileged and that I only kicked her out because she’s Mexican. :zipper_mouth_face: I’m European/Latina. She then started screaming at me in Spanish. :joy:

Police arrived and believed my account of events. Her friends even supported me and told police officers that Stephanie is drunk and started a fight with me for no reason.

Went to leave and Stephanie runs 50ft towards me screaming she’s going to kill me. Police tackled her before she could reach me. :joy::joy::joy:

Called Lyft Critical Safety Line and waited 42min to speak to someone to give a report. I need a dash camera. She will likely file a false report and I will be deactivated pending further review. Looking forward to it :roll_eyes:

My best tip was actually tonight… I picked them up from the bar at 3am… they were drunk and loud were pretty decent… even when I said I couldn’t fit their whole group of 5 people on my car and refused to let them smoke… they still tipped me $10

Dang…another reason I hate picking up drunks. I think I will start switching to my Uber Eats account after 11pm …no more humans in my car after 11pm

This was my first thought. I wanted to see if anyone else commented before me though. If you have the police report and it includes all the relevant details, you should be safe.

Even if she was let go every single police interaction with civilians is classified as an incident and there will be an incident report that will have minimal notes as to what happened and what led them to be there it’s their way of tracking interactions with civilians it exists it might not be a formal police report but it will be an incident report

I have an extra Dash Cam I can send you. No cost, it’s on me. PM me for details if you still need one. You’ll just need an sd card. Sorry you had to go through that my friend.

Make sure to buy the transcend high endurance sd card they are 5x better than san disk because they can be rewrote many many more times before the card fails. Transcend uses MLC memory which is better and different than what San disk uses.

I’m hitting the sack now so I’ll get back to you when I get up if that’s ok. Glad you are ok. Idiot drunks, lol.

This is one reason I like Uber you call the IRT and they pick up usually in less than 3 minutes and if you have a police report number they ask for that and if you have a dash camera they ask for the footage of that too. And they start a ban on the customers account.

Yikes. Hope I never see the day… I have the Uber and Lyft critical response lines saved as contacts. Prepared for it, but really dread needing to call them. :slight_smile:

The minute someone needs to be physically placed in YOUR vehicle and strapped in…You should’ve bailed

People that seem like they’re gonna be troublesome or are too intoxicated to walk without stumbling to my truck get left behind…Lol just keep in mind it’s YOUR vehicle…Uber and Lyft don’t own it. Use your judgement

As a hot chick, is it easier or harder to drive Uber. Guys always hitting on you and girls always hating on you I assume.

Mind me asking what’s your rating? Just curious if you get benefit or detriment for your looks.

I think it’s easiest being a fat, old, white guy driving Uber. We don’t really get these problems that I see posted in here all the time.

I’ve only pulled 1 all nighter and another night til 3am. I wanted to see what it was like. Plus I happened to be in the mood to drive late sooo yea lol…

Now that I’ve done it, I’m with you, I’ll only drive til about 11.

10:30 has become my limit after someone threw up in my car, but I think it’s been an overreaction on my part.

What does Trump have to do with this ride? Seriously? Like it’s his fault she got drunk and didn’t like the route you were tsking.

Wow. I’m sry you had to go through that. You definitely should get a dash cam and this is a prime example of way. You should be ok. I wouldn’t worry about being deactivated since you already reported it.

Hey there are some apps i use that can recorded secretly just by using the phone , no knows that you’re being recorded

Just be sure to check your state laws regarding the use of hidden surveillance cameras. In some states silent video recordings are treated differently than video with audio. Better to have a disclaimer sign like above, just to be safe. You don’t want the only thing proving your innocence to be an illegal recording.