Not my best week

This is to encourage not to brag. A lot of people did better than me this week and I couldn’t be prouder of those individuals getting their money! Focus, determination and action will bring success! And if everyone must know how long I worked this week I worked 47 hours. I made a total of $200 in tips between Uber App, Venmo and Cash. How did you all do?

there are times you are in the car and offline, meals, drinks, bathroom etc.

What hours are you primarily working?

Ok, so how many hours were you away from the time you left the house to going back to the house

Like I said when I am out of my car I am offline. When I take a break I’m offline. When I’m done for the day I’m offline. I don’t eat in my car.

Ok, but that down time is still time you are obligated to rideshare and not doing something else. Are you doing Lyft also

I was trying to compare the time you say you put in to the hours that I put in. Also, if you are more efficient than me, I would like to know. Between Uber and Lyft, I am about 50% more than you in earnings. In2as online 35.9 hours which is not all that accurate because when I am on a ride with one the other is off. However, I am in the car about 72 hours for that money. That is time I left the house to time I went home. This is time that I consider to “obligated to rideshare”.

I totally get what you are trying to ask and say Craig. I was wondering all those same exact questions, cause I’m new to it and sometimes feel like the results aren’t worth the hours so I do a ton of calculations. Your questions made total sense.

Who’s talking about thinking like an employee? You posted an achievement. I wanted to compare your results with mine and needed more info to make sure the comp was accurate and asked for more info and you ridicule me for asking? If you post something for an audience and that audience then asks for more info be prepared to provide it. Has nothing to do with an employee mentality. Has to do with comparing two scenarios based on consistent data.

But why do the hours matter? I’m still trying to wrap my head around this hourly rating shit! Is annoying. In a real business you never count the hours you work to achieve success.

Didn’t focus last week between uber & Lyft made roughly over $450. Focused more on my online work which still brought me up to over $500 for last week.

Do you drive x or xl? Ive always been curious how x people make $800+ a week. Lol

I don’t know how to uber pool and…I’m 4 passenger limit and drunk college kids got in my car days ago with booze 5 of them. No way. How do you uber pool

I am not a hater. But on the other hand, if someone wants to know something and I have the knowledge I will try to answer their question. I don’t care what others make. I have a goal that I set and work until I meet that goal or are too tired to drive anymore. On the average, I meet my goal every week combining Uber and Lyft. Drivers who are not analyzing their production, gross and net are kidding themselves when they say they are making money. Just because you have cash flow doesn’t mean your making money. As an accountant, I am tuned into this stuff. Most aren’t. This whole conversation started with a post about earnings and from my perspective, the earnings should have equal comparison. I started just to see where I was with another driver in my market. The lack of understanding by some in this post proves to me that some don’t really know if they are making money. The young lady above asked about the possibility to make 800 or so a week and I advised her about the effort she would need based on my results. I have found that most people who use the term “hater” use it as an escape as opposed to actually understanding what is being said.

For "most people " the time you leave your house in the morning, til you clock into work for the day is considered “non -compensatable” time… (same with the time it takes you to drive home)… so why should this be any different? (Yes, some people have negotiated travel time / pay - that is certainly not the norm though, at least not in the US.

If you clock out for lunch, or clock out to drive home, you are still considered to be making the specified hourly / salary rate you agreed to.
I could only imaging my bosses face when I tell him there was an overturned semi on the way home, and I had a 5 hour delay getting to bed… AND that now he owes me for 5 more hours of pay.

Time not logged into the app should not be factored into your overall hourly rate of work - although without a doubt, it does impact that number.

Your rationale is from,the employee/employer perspective. As an IC rideshare provider, technically, when you leave the house you are at work. However, even if you eliminate the “commute”, there are times during the day that you are in the car and not online. From my POV, you are still in rideshare mode, because you aren’t able to do something else. For instance, in the middle of the day requests slow down in Seattle. So with it being impractical to return home, I usually find a spot to lay back and relax for a bit. I am still in the car and unable to do other things like go home and now the lawn or have a drink or whatever. I consider that time that I am in rideshare mode. My initial comment was to only compare performance with comparable data and conditions. All the rest of this banter is frivolous.

You can actually reduce that time if you map out surge times if you drive for uber or Prime time with Lyft and hitting the bonuses that they have.

I live in Grand Rapids, MI. Not a huge market but is popular. On average 40 hours i make around $500. I go where ever the rides take me. I dont nitpick certain areas. Like the airport. Everyone and they cousin hang out there, so i try to stay clear.

I didn’t think so either, until i seen drivers in my area making $800+. Lol. Im new so i know its gonna take time for me to figure everything out. I appreciate all your advice. Hope your week goes great :slight_smile:

Funny thing was my dad flew in from the East Coast at 2 a.m. that day and I decided to Uber after dropped him off at his house from the airport. So the money that I earned from 2:30 a.m. til about 4 a.m. counted for Tuesday instead of Wednesday. LOL

Great job Shawn, The money is there if they want it. As a business owner it’s about the money not the time. Employees werry about time.