Not my best week

Depends on your market and trips distance. It has been days where i made $300 in 3 hours on 4 trips. The DC market is a very very strong market. I do $150 a day easily in 6 hours. You got to have a olan and strategey. It is a business

I made that in five days driving a tour bus going to Monument Valley, Grand Canyon and Lake Powell. Plus a $300.00 tip and all my food and lodging and I didn’t have to put in half the work you did. And I didn’t have to put miles on my car

I used to own a courier business in logistics for delivery for 12 years and I got used to driving for long periods of time so I understand where you’re coming from. I always gave myself breaks to eat to run errands and to enjoy the day.

Nevermind i see it at the bottom of the picture its 33 dollars not bad for having the live in app tip for about 5 days

Thats what’s up hopefully people in Seattle are aware that in app tipping is live and if they keep giving you cash tips at least you dont have to report it

some of yall are awful. ragging on people for being happy/excited about making money. you should be happy for your fellow people

I haven’t seen anyone ragging on anybody! These posts are awesome! They help the rookies out :grimacing:

Thanks for the encouragement Shawne DeaKings. I have felt very discouraged about driving for uber but im gonna get out there tomorrow.