Not compensated for time and gas for there being "too many riders"

RANT: I had a customer that thought they were going to seat 5 passangers in my Chevy cruze. Once I informed them that would not be happening and they would have to order a larger Uber, they proceeded to slam my doors and talk about how “retarded” I am because they are just going up the street. I’m upset because my time and gas is not compensated for there being “too many riders”. Has anyone else experienced this issue? How did you handle it?

Drive off and wait for them to cancel. Especially if they’re to lazy to just walk up the damn street, and throw a tantrum because they can’t follow rules. F*** 'em.

Definitely should have done that. Was upset and didn’t think about it. Lol

Keep doors locked, count bodies, confirm name and party size before unlocking doors, tell them to cancel or wait the five minutes and cancel, then flag their account.

This happens to me all the time. Had my doors slammed once. I complained to Uber and they assured me that I would never have that rider again… lol I was like, all 5?? Lol

You get $5 for cancelling and selecting too many riders. If I’m wrong someone correct me.

Some advice. This happened to me last night. Here’s what I do and it prevents many bad situations. First I send an arrival text when about 2min before arrival because text has to pass through Uber servers to get to pax. —"Your driver is here. Please look for a blue Toyota Rav4 with flashers on. If you do not see me please call this number4Passengers Max :taxi::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:—I also keep doors locked and I do not start trip until we are driving off and everyone is in the car. At the location last night I noticed 5ppl come out of apt complex. I rolled window down, explained I wouldn’t take em and reminded them of Ubers policy. Then drove off and canceled, got my $5 and off to the next one.

Happened to me twice so far. I just cancelled and got the next ping.

Good luck on the next one Megan and don’t be afraid to tell ppl no. Its your car and your rules. No one gets in until you think its ok.

Not to be funny or rude…I have a 7 passenger Van so no I haven’t experienced that however I have had someone with 5 people order a Uber x. I just told Uber there were 5 people and they adjusted it to the XL rates.

Right after they slam the doors I would have started trip and dove 20 minutes. Then ended trip gave 3 stars. Oops my bad. I thought they were in the car. Ok then email Uber that there is a small error and please do not match me with them ever!

Slamming door damages the window’s motor (open/close) it could possible break it and your window won’t operate at all ! Charge them a damage fee!

Are you successful getting a fee from every person that slams your door?

Had 5 drunk college students try to cram into my Kia Optima in downtown Phoenix, then one claimed he was a cop and showed me his student ID. I kept telling them it’s against the law. Either one got out or ALL got out. It wasn’t until I threatened to call the police that they finally got out, luckily civilized but complaining the whole time.

Uber fix it plan: when a ride is requested remind the rider that they’re requesting four seats an extra $10 for the fifth rider to squeeze in

NO do NOT do that. They will call your bluff and promise to pay you when they get there. Then they won’t pay you and will lower your rating AND complain that you asked for cash which is against the Uber TOS

Many pax are technologically stupid that they don’t even know UberXL exists. Ive told people about it and they’re surprised

That is a classic reason I never unlock my doors until I do my verification and too many standin’ outside of my car means “yo asses go’ne need an Uber XL” cuz I’a be DAMN’D if y’all climbin’ in my car. Keep them doors locked ppl

In all fairness a larger sedan is better for uberX. Use a cruze during the day, when you might have one or two passengers that time but use something like an Impala or an Avalon at night

Lol. I have a Cruze all day er’ry day… they don’t like it, they can cancel and request another driver. :joy: