No smoking or drinking in my car

Pax walks up smoking a cigarette and asks if he can smoke in my car. I said no you can not. Well the other uber drivers do. Why do these riders lie on us to make their position seem more acceptable lol. Does anyone let smokers smoke in their car? Lol then he gets in and says ohh i see why i cant smoke it smells good in here :expressionless:

Honestly when I see people smoking I usually cancel the ride and pull away. I don’t want all that after smoke bullshit sitting in my car for an hour after they get out. I hate smoke.

You’re being dramatic. It doesnt linger for more than a few minutes and I’ve had pax that smell like they live on an ashtray

Dude, use Ozium spray. And I agree with Richard, the scent is temporary. And I’ve had it where a guy smelled like he lived directly in the litter box with his 20 cats, and also smoked all the cigarettes. THAT made me need to wipe down the seats and almost contact Lyft if the smell didn’t dissipate.

I agree w Garrett.

I have cloth, not leather, seats and once I had a smoker sit in my car for 20 minutes who smelled like an ashtray marinated in ash juice for a month.

Took weeks for that smell to go away, I couldn’t believe it. After car wash and febreeze.

I have cloth. I’ve had pax that smelled like they bathed in cigarette butts ashes. After five minutes. No smell. You’re being dramatic.

I always get the best tips when I let someome smoke in my Cadillac. I smoke too. Plus, leather seats and ozium go hand in hand to create a neutral smelling car for the next PAX

As a smoker you may think your car smells okay after a few shots of Ozium but I think it’s very likely your non smoking passengers would not.

One time a woman insisted on buying me a pack of cigarettes, a coffee, and lunch after I let her light up and stopped at a Wawa for her just before her destination. Made up for lost time, PLUS she gave me a $20 on top of all that.

I got a ride at 3am, he was going about 75 miles, which turned into 150 miles because he input the wrong address cuz he was British & visiting. We got to the 1st address, it was wrong, so after we figured out really where he was supposed to go he asked if he could smoke a cig & since I thought I was about to be able to get out & smoke one too but now couldnt I said sure if you don’t mind if I do too… One & only time it will probably happen, I always step out to smoke. This was before the long ride warning & was the last ride that morning.

I have no idea…I’ve never been in one.
My wife smokes. Shes not allowed to in my car or hers. I’ll be damned (and get my ass kicked by her) if I let someone else smoke in the car

I get these kids and always ask if they can Vape in the car I’m like I’m thinking to myself how do I answer this without getting a one-star rating and I have to really bite my lip sometimes

No smoking or drinking. Had a PAX ask if he could bring his beer. Told him no & he told me the other driver let him. I asked him if he didn’t want to chug it to cancel the call & request again, that maybe he’ll get the other driver again.

That rider was probably lying. Many riders tell lies. My next big revelation will be that fire is hot. I do not allow anyone to smoke in my car. And I think most drivers do not allow smoking. I hate it when I pull up to a rider and he or she is smoking. They knew I was coming. Why did they light up a cigarette?

I had a guy the other day that asked if he could smoke. I said no, but he ended up lighting up one of those ghetto cigars

I hate when peeps say - well other drivers let me, blah blah blah. I tell them, does it look like I give a :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: what anyone else does? Do you want a ride or not? If not, just cancel. C’ya!

Nope…my fav pax are the ones that light up as im pulling up and expect me to wait for them to finish it. CANCEL!

Why cancel and ruin your acceptance rate. Just wait till the clock runs out and then hit no show.

They’re lucky i let them in my car if i see them smoking at all!!!

Stinking so bad directly after smoking then bringing that stink in my car… rubbing off on my seats… yuck

Just don’t get pulled over with them and their red solo cups. I’m sure you know it’s illegal to drink alcohol in a car in NJ.