New App Alert! Great income!

Hello all! I hope everyone is off to a great weekend! I wanted to let everyone know of a new app that is starting to spread across the US. We launched Gopher in Raleigh, NC as our pilot market. Now that we have worked out the bugs/kinks, we will be doing some promotional events to get Gophers on the ground in markets across the country. Gopher is 2 apps: Gopher Request is the app you would use if you were at home/out and wanted someone to bring you something/do a service. From beer to groceries, to take out… literally ANYTHING… or on the services side people are requesting anything from cutting their grass, rides, helping to move furniture, anything.
If you want to make money BEING a Gopher and fulfilling the requests, you would download GopherGo. Unlike other apps, the Requestor sets the price that they are willing to pay a gopher, in addition to the cost of the goods. gophers can pick and choose what jobs/errands they want… they can see where the requestor is and where they need to go… and they can choose if they want it or not!
Check out our How To videos on YouTube:
Gopher Request:

Thank you all… and please let us know if you have any feedback!