Never gave out a bad rating until today

Was a passenger this morning. Getting some work done in the car… PLEASE don’t do this… this was some of the tackiest shit I have seen yet. Not only that, the guy was a real jerk.

I had a cigarette while waiting for him, get in the car, and within a minute he is rolling down all the windows and complaining that I am choking him from the cigarette smell. Ok, no problem. I understand that, but could have been said “Would you mind if I roll down the windows, I am sensitive to cigarette smell”… would have been a no big deal. Anyways, we pull up, I open the door and he turns and looks at me with a straight face and says… “1 Star for you”…

No problem, 2 can play at that game asshole…

Why do you have to ask to roll down the window than this car I roll down my windows all the time

As a previous smoker, the smell doesn’t air out that fast. The smell lingers in the seats and air freashiner only masks the smell for a little while

No offense, but your mentality is that of a typical smoker. You expect people to Tolerate or deal with your being a nuisance.

Bottom line is you are the one engaging in behavior that is considered a nuisance and abhorrent to most people. They should not have to * carry a can of spray* to deal with you. YOU should be the 1 not having a cigarette right before getting into some stranger’s car.

At the same time, as a driver you should already expect this kind of BS from people and not be a little bitch about it. He should have kept his mouth shut & gave u a bad rating later lol

First off, you dont have to ask to roll down your own windows. He was well in his right. You are the ignorant one smoking a cig right before getting in someone’s car.

unlike a taxi car we are useing our everyday personal vehicles, some of us have young kids and dont want our cars smelling like smoke. So without asking I would roll down the windows. I’m not gonna have my kid breathing that in.

Are the signs really tacky? I mean It lets the passanger know what you offer during the ride and also the rules of your car. I think,its a good idea

I used to have a sign like that up. It’s tacky. People don’t need to be reminded to tip, they will do it regardless. It’s all about asking g about the music, AC or windows down (depending on weather) and easy conversation.

I have signs and it helps with conversations. I always get hey you got this looking really clean and professional. As far as the smoke smell make friends with febreze

This little $25 investment has paid itself time and time again. The cool factor of this charger is crazy.

There is nothing tacky about reminding people that we don’t work for free! I swear, the worst thing Uber ever did was to massage into people’s heads that tipping was not necessary and several years later people are still hanging on to that as a reason for not tipping!

It’s going to take a while to reverse the damage Travis has done. Uber has gotten a lot better. Travis stunted Uber going public by at least 2 years and he also kept Lyft alive with his stunts.

I had my first leftover stink from a pax last night. He smelled like he’d been chain smoking all day, and that added with seriously bad body odor as if he had not showered in a while was disgusting. I opened the windows, had the fan on, then fabreezed everywhere after the dropoff. It took a minute or two but that did get the smell out. Now that I read this thread I’ve decided that next time I’m going to be polite about it but will definitely open the windows during the ride.

I hate when they ask. I tell them
With a straight face

When you go to a restaurant you tip your waiter right?

At a bar you tip the bartender right?

So it’s the same with us. Be appreciative we get you home safe and the drunk be happy we get ya home safe and save other peoples lives keeping your drunk ass in our cars. Lol

I can’t blame the guy, I can’t stand when people know they’re going to stink of cigarettes and then get in my car two seconds later, maybe you should’ve been the courteous one and waited to smoke a cigarette till after the ride

Problem with that is many smokers do not perceive that they even smell like cigarettes. They’re used to it. I used to smoke. I personally care about smells. I used to wash my hands frequently and used breath mints sometimes and always brushed my teeth before going out even if I’d brushed them before that. But, I am sensitive to smells myself. Many smokers aren’t. So they don’t know as clearly as we’d hope they would that the odor overwhelms some people.

Welcome to the (I am the most Important Person in the World) club. Some people did not get any home training and were never taught to respect other people and their property. Now a days instead of correcting ShtHead behavior, society now sees fit to make excuses for it so as to not make the ShtHead feel bad. :innocent::innocent:

Many points of view on the smoking thing, as a NON-SMOKER I am sure people know mine. The Tipping thing is never going to change for some Cheap-A** people, they will always hold on to the LIE that they believe to be the TRUTH (You don’t have to Tip). I give everyone the Best Service I can and if I get a Tip (GREAT) and if not, only the little guy on my shoulder and I hope they get hit by a BUS later in the day. LOL :innocent::innocent:

Same here offer the best service you can and at least you know you didn’t give them a reason not to tip. I live by that. Tip or no tip you get the same me.

That’s the only way to stay positive. You can’t go backwards resenting you did not get a tip. You can only move on to your next ride. I do the same. Same me no matter what.