Need to vent to people who may get it

Been online for four hours and made $10. Get home and get two bills from taking my kids to the doctor when my youngest picked up pink eye at school that total to $205 after insurance (insurance paid over $1000, mind you this was for a sick child visit to a PCM) which puts me another $205 backwards. I can’t seem to get ahead on bills and medical debt just keeps building. I drive to pay debt and live. My regular job is only $19 an hour and I might get 3% each year as a merit raise. Bills for the house and rent is $550 every other week and the rest of my check goes to debt and my car bill.

Something’s gotta give. Buying a house has been a dream for way to long and living check to check got old years ago :cry::cry::cry:

Oh man do you have good nights? I know CES was just going on. Maybe uninstall and reinstall the app? Try a different area? You’ve probably tried those already. Haha

That is because they have been instructed by the Secretary of State’s office. You may have to go to the SOS office and have them write a letter to Lyft to explain how your exemption is valid.

It won’t be long before the Uber catches flack from the SOS office, because Rideshare is not a home based business. But your exemption is different.

yeah mainly it is because it has the word “exempt.”

Lyft’s corporate office in San Fran handles all the actual documentation approval. And there legal department has sought clarification when the law went into effect. And they were told not to accept “the exemption”. However, they do not know or are not listening that their is more than one type of exemption. They are not to accept the “home based business” exemption. But their legal department basically said no exemptions qualify. :disappointed:

If you open up a business license and build your business credit up
your personal credit don’t matter
A millionaire told me that’s a main loophole they use

I was hit by a truck almost 10 yrs ago and my lawyer told me exactly that. Pay them $ 5-10 a month to keep it off your credit. Typically as long as you show good faith and express hardship they work with you.

Everyone struggles all the time life keep your head up keep pushing I have 3 kids and ex wife a mortgage my day job only $10 per hour lol

Stay on track good things happen to good people…uber lyft someday lucks not on your side and you get 10$ other days it will pay you 40 for an hour…I don’t believe in luck but I believe in the leveling effect life has…so do what you are doing and try to improve learn from your mistakes and you will only move forward.

My tax return will be aboit 3000 which is going to debt

Bills are power $200 - average- water $100 gas $50 Cox $45 Verizon $110 (3 phones) car and rent insurance $498 car payment is $475

I spend no more then $200 on food each check for the 3 of us

Daycare is $210 a week

I get about 6 tanks of gas a month around $50 each

Rent is $1100

My roommate lost her job in Jan and moved out in October but was living here not paying those months

Yes and daycare is one I pay on my own. My current roommate pays half the bills and rent which is why $550 a check is all I pay.

The good news, as it pertains to buying a house, is that home prices are entirely too high right now. The investors have come back and driven prices sky high, just like the mid-2000’s.
The market simply can’t sustain these prices, and there WILL be a correction. Prices will come down, and you’ll be able to afford a better house for less money.

Every bank and realtor disagrees. They believe over the next two years it will continue to grow at the rate it is at

I believe the “bubble” will pop bad, but I think it will still be a few years until that happens. As everyone is moving to Vegas I give it 2-3 years.

We live in a dual-income society. It’s especially tough with kids. If possible, it’s best if you can move back your parents and save on rent. When you have a little saved up, start exploring passive income.

I make decent money, but I always live like I am broke. I am selling my wife’s engagement ring at the moment. We are giving up our 2015 car for a 2003 Toyota. We canceled Netflix and have just two mobile phone plans at $30/month each. We don’t have cable TV (just base internet at $60/month) and we don’t buy organic groceries. We don’t go to Disneyland. We teach our 3 kids to save money.

I haven’t been to Disneyland since I was a kid and it was affordable

My mom took us to Knott’s when they did their veterans day free entry. But she drove and paid for food. We got on for free

No need for cable/Netflix these days. Everything is free on the web. Great apps out there. You can also try to turn your 2015 liability into an asset through apps such as"Turo". Homes are seen as a liability but if worked correctly it could be an asset and generate some money through apps like Airbnb. It’s a fun and interesting time we live in.

If you can try driving the morning shift. Thursday’s, and Friday ams around 4-430, locals in suburbs are looking for rides to airport, then hotel guests are from 430-600 to airports, between 6-8 people are looking for rides to work, hotel guests rides to meetings out to suburbs, but 1 thing I teach people is another rush happens between 10-11 am. Guests are getting kicked out of their hotels at 11, and are looking for rides to airport, or 1 last thing to do in Vegas. Good Luck

I recommend not buying a house, use the money to invest in business and know all the risks before you go into it. If you buy a house, you are pretty much locked to your job to keep paying the mortgage. Your down payment could have been used in income generating ventures while you pay rent. Sure your living situation could be uncertain year to year, but you will have a big cash pile for emergencies. Americans are mainly house rich and cash poor. It’s best to be cash rich and house poor until you are in a good position to not fret a downpayment to a house.

If my credit would stay above 650 I could buy a house with no down payment, fixed rate va loan for 30 years and only be paying $850-$900 a month versus an ever growing rent cost. Rent has almost doubled in two years in Vegas. The house we rent now we signed Oct 2015 for 800 a month and are now up to 1065 and it will go up again in April as they tried to push us to 1300 last year