Need to have positive attitude when driving

Proof that all you need is a positive attitude when driving, I worked only 2 hours tonight and made $60, $22 was from ride fares $38 was in tips. If you smile, make good conversation and have a good attitude people love it.

Yes true but I’ve been working in the same city and I’ve made $70 in 6 hours, I agree with the other people…bring a good looking women doesn’t hurt either. There’s no such thing as equality.

But I always have a great attitude and that’s what comes through on my reviews

Just yanking ur chain tho. I know ride share can be hard on a womqn. Kudos for keeping at it

Being a woman does helps lol. But yeah good convo and the top way to get tips. My biggest tip so far has been a hundred dollar bill.

If I was a pretty woman Id probably get more tips too ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I think if guys a 6 back. And no shirt on. Picked up pax guys would get tips more often

Lol, women finally found a job where they make more than men. I guess if I wanted equality, I must grow bigger boobs (sex change is out of the question); however, I am a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.

Honestly speaking, female drivers make almost triple the tips male drivers usually make. I know its sexist comment but its also the ugly truth of life.

It’s not sexist if it’s the truth. Stop letting the liberal media brainwash you.

I don’t think it’s sexist because I’m not a left liberal or a right wing conservative. I make my own choices and decisions

I’m sure some people have tipped bc a woman is pretty… but I have a guy that did bout 60 -100 in tips on a wknd in Raleigh. Gotta be more then looks

Yeah a lot of these fckrs hit on me and dont tip, and most of the tips come from women… usually tips depend on my mood :joy:

Some days are more lucky then others . The other day . I drove for 5 hours 7 trips

I got $5 , $10 , $10 , $20 , $20 in tips

$65 total .

Yes, but this high amount is an exception, not a rule. Can’t pay the rent from one-offs. Plus, if I flirt with someone and they may take me up on it and we will both be in trouble.

I work a full time job this is fun money. I don’t flirt with any customers, just provide them with great conversation and a positive attitude

I do pretty well I get dry periods of no tips. Then I get tips hand over fist. Orlando is a tourist city so cheapos come in waves. I generally find that most good tippers are just happier than most other people and appreciate good service.

if passengers flirt with me I play a long. If ever asked to get together my response is. Sorry I can’t I’m driving till 6 am :slight_smile:

I can’t stop laughing at all of these comments being made by fools suffering from an inferior complex! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Who has an inferiority complex? I’m not sure where you’re from but here in the states we have to constantly hear about “equality” from women but as soon as it’s in their favor it’s ok. Stfu.