Need to have positive attitude when driving


(Peter Dave) #21

I guess your a special person to get that tip. Ok girls i see why you get big tips then us guys. I guess i have to get those jugs out to get those big tips or get a dancing pole out

(Mitchel) #22

To bad multi-billion corporations can’t stop letting the CEO’s from robbing the coffers and just pay people well enough they could go home to their kids.

(Haris_McMan) #23

According to a “national” female Uber Driver who claims to be an authority, all ladies have to do is tell a sob story… yeah, I’m not a woman, so I’m not going to tell sob stories to pax for tips. Or telling pax that their ratings suck because they don’t tip in order to get a tip… Don’t know why people have to resort to bull shit tactics when all you really have to do is provide a good safe ride and conversation if it’s wanted. This person is a fraud, and doesn’t really know what it means to be a professional driver.

(Amanda Halen) #24

You forgot, “be an attractive girl” haha. I do all of those things consistently with a sign in the car and don’t make those numbers.

(Maurice Nixon) #25

I agree. Did my first UberEATS ride today. Got a $10 tip of a $10 delivery. :blush:

(Andrew Martin) #26

Wow men are the biggest haters, mainly when a woman is doing better than them, its their ego… so sad :joy:

(Kimberly Nelson) #27

Oh yea but if we get paid a fraction more at a real job you bitch and throw a fit and protest. Hypocrite

(Sharon Green) #28

Did your mom teach you to talk to women like that? I just sent this screenshot to all of your friends with last name Forbes including your grandparents

(Sue Cooper) #29

Hahaha they already know how I am. There’s nothing disrespectful in that message. Just the truth. You’re a typical fucking liberal. If you don’t like what I have to say then you try to destroy my personal life. Well guess what? Go fuck yourself!

(Donna Harris) #30

Here we go with the ad hominem fallacy again. Such a shame so many must resort to name-calling, especially on political views. That’s why I love social media, I’m still a mass debater.

(Michaela Biksacky) #31

Nobody was talking about politics but this douchebag decided to call me a bitch, I also like social media its interesting to see how people think, inspires to not want to be like them, we learn from each other

(Sheena Washington) #32

Well I do $300 plus a week in tips but even though I have alot of amenities a good convo is always needed.

(Brendan Halai) #33

So your point is that if u lose weight and get cut I would have more tips? Ok, diet starts today

(William Murphy) #34

I agree if you stay positive and are friendly people appreciate that

(Graham Sandy) #35

I drive a red Dodge Charger RT 5.7 Hemi, all tricked out with rallye stripes, and often get riders (guys of course, ) who just drool over the car. More than once, I’ve gotten a $20 tip just because of the car. Like this guy in town from Texas who sez, “This is a Nascar!” I sez, “no man, it’s just the street version.” He sez, "no, no, I mean it’s a REAL nass car as he proffered the 20 bucks. “Heck yeah, it’s a nice car alright,” I said as I snatched the bill.

(Mathew Boolean) #36

BTW, some riders just HATE my Charger RT and de-rate me because of it, probably thinking I’m some kind of maniac. I always drive safe.

(Trish Richardson) #37

I have made approx 2000 dollars so far with uber but have only been tipped 3 times. I also offer gum, candies, and have a 4.95 rating. Tips don’t just come as easy as you claim in general

(Lance Rodriguez) #38

I get tipped about %20 of the time when driving people, when delivering food I get tipped 80% of the time. Nuff said

(Melinda Foster) #39

Your profile pic vs my profile pic… Worth at least $38/day. Lol. 4.91, 1500 rides, but almost never significant tips. It’s more than conversation and respect.

(Bector Ernest) #40

Yes I treat 99.9 pax with respect and convo. But if I see that don’t want to talk I leave them alone. Or if a couple pax in the back talking I keep out of it. But a few just hit the wrong nerve touching buttons in my car or being racist. The ride is over at that point. Most of the time no tip