Need everyone inputs

On thanksgiving Day and Black Friday we should all strike and not drive for that day. Take the day off and enjoy it with your family. Demand uber that they

  1. Raise the rates
  2. Lower commission to 15 percent
  3. Restore destination filter to all times
  4. Fix the rating system and holding riders accountable
  5. Allow drivers to appeal bad ratings and deactivations
    6.demamd they stop over saturation. Have zones that allow certain amount of cars at one time

If I’m missing anything comment. Who’s on board???

To be fair it’s not like working for Walmart although I do agree with number 3 number four and number 5

I dont work Thanksgiving or black friday anyway…too dead on thursday, and too stressful on friday

you all strike…nothing will change and I, along with many other drivers will make money. go for it

We’re independent contractors. We can’t strike. We can however choose not to drive and not make money, Oh, and the majority will still drive and make money.

If you can’t afford not to drive. Drive with lyft doordash postmates grub hub or Amazon Flex. I will do flex on Black Friday

Do you honestly believe this suggestion isn’t made every year?

I see this suggested almost every week by someone who doesn’t understand that we are not employees and didn’t read the TOS or research Uber before they signed up and are now butthurt that they aren’t making big bucks. The dumbest requests are limiting drivers (they will be for it until they are the ones who can’t sign on in their desired area) and pax background checks. (Do taxis check their pax, or ANY business run background checks on their customers)

I don’t drive on those days anyway. Thursday will be slow and Friday will be ridiculous.

Let me get this straight, you choose this job because you have no other skills (other wise you’d choose a job that pays more then 10-14$ per hour plus wear and tear on your car) and your bitching about what you make on holidays??? Stfu

You go ahead and do that , I’ll be right behind you… Hold on I got ping. Oh, there’s another one. Ol can you start the strike without me? I’m getting a lot of pings

I’d take a flat 75% as long as no new stops or detours are added. The whole mileage thing is stupid.

It appears uber has moved on to charging surge rates but not paying surge rates.

Same thing with lyft. A few times I tried to order lyft as a passenger and I see a 100% surge, and on the driver map there was absolutely no surge anywhere 35 miles radius.

You all can go strike while i make bank.

Zones for certain amount of cars? Lmao good one. So if it’s your first day and my 3rd year then we should give you that area huh? Or get pings based on your rating my 4.93 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

LMAO! It is OUR CHOICE to drive. If my background check comes back by then, you bet your rear I will be driving and earning! I have zero plans to shop, but I will take people to do their shopping.

You just go right ahead and do that Mr Man and I’ll be out there driving and making the money you don’t want to make

Unlike the retails stores though, Uber isn’t requiring you t work. This is kind of a pointless boycott. It’s just the type of situation the app was created for.

I’ll be out Black Out Wednesday, and at some point on Black Friday, but not Thanksgiving .

Sooooo, you’re saying you want to go out of business?? Huh. That makes a lot of sense. :roll_eyes: