Need advice and/or help

I’m the only Uber driver in my area. We have about 20 Lyft drivers. There is a Lyft “Ambassador” or whatever his title is that is harassing me through Facebook messages & messaging other Lyft drivers telling them I’m personally costing them money by choosing to drive for Uber in my area. I’ve literally done nothing but signed up to drive and have been doing it for about 2 weeks and this happens? First, I’m confused at why I deserve this behavior and secondly, where do I go from here? I want to protect myself first of all, but I also enjoy driving for Uber and helping the community to be a safer place. (Mostly drive drunk people around town) PLEASE ADVISE!

No matter ambassador or just a driver that’s against lyft guidelines. Look for a local lyft hub.

Doesn’t that also constitute Cyberbullying? At the current moment I have no intent to report to local authorities unless it continues but I don’t want to be the person who wishes that they did either.

Share your experience with Lyft on the Lyft Facebook page.

Well if I’m reluctant to do that at the current moment for fear of retaliation and I have not blocked the individual solely because his messages are incriminating. I don’t respond to him after I asked him to leave me alone but I’d prefer to not make a bigger scene and cause more drama between the other drivers, as it’s the individual and not the company. Am I seeing that right?

Post on Lyft’s facebook page or tweet them on twitter.

Threaten to report em. Let em find out how much money they lose when they can’t drive for Lyft anymore.

block him of FB and do whatever you want.

This is definitely against the Lyft ToS- could you DM me a screen shot of the convo and/or the Ambassador’s name?

File a police report!!! File a complaint with Lyft and send all messages to.

What is his name…give us his profile link. We’ll bombard the little prick.

I’m glad I posted it and had someone offer to help! Thanks those of you who offered actual helpful information! …also all the mean comments weren’t necessary. I was born & raised in Alabama and I’m proud to be from this state! Sorry if you’ve never been here and allow stereotypes to cloud your ways of thinking. It’s a beautiful state and generally hospitable. It’s just concerning being a female and being harassed by a male knowing he is driving the same roads I am everyday and of course, we’re not allowed to have people with us so it was my sincere concern to protect myself! Happy Driving to you nice people and to you throwing out mean comments… “Yawl need to learn better manners. Yawls mommas didn’t teach you right and needed to take more switches to your rear ends.”

Report them and send screenshots, maybe they’re costing YOU money.

Block him. Then he can’t see you, you won’t have to see him, done

Stand your ground. Don’t get bullied

I’m confused as to how you are costing them money? Actually they are costing eachother money by all driving for lyft.

I thought the Lyft Ambassador program was over with

Wow. “This is life.” “Stop costing them money”. How does this help her again with the current situation?

Search any of their rideshare related FB posts to learn more about them (specifically their names and vehicles used for rideshare) then report them to Lyft!

Fuck em. They probably can’t drive for Uber for whatever reason. Start showing the other drivers your earnings and share your referral code. Fuck that guy.