My all-star rating took a slight dip

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Ive been thinking for the past couple days about a women in particular who “already have attitudes” when they step into your car. I had a couple Black women the weekend before last who were pissed, even before I even picked them up. My driving & navigating was safe as normal, but my rating went down just a bit because of them being in their feelings, even before the pick up…

Whatever it was that had them mad had nothing at all to do with me, but my all-star rating took a slight dip and it’s hard to not take it personal, but it’s not at all “easy” either. Our hard work as Rideshare Drivers should NOT have to suffer for someone is ticked off. Don’t they do rideshring then - they STILL have busses & trains & mass transit is STILL in business!!!

Welcome to my world. My fellow black folk expect the most and rate the worst by far in my ridesharing experience. However, TRUE (West)African Americans always display proper etiquette. They are always grateful for my service. Extremely nice and humble.

Interesting that you said this B Dion because when I read this post I was kinda all up in my feelings about their race. I was going to comment that I didn’t think their race had to be mentioned at all, they were just rude people. I have 2700 rides, not a huge amount but more than some. I have never noticed what you mentioned. I will pay closer attention. My ratings on Uber are fantastic but I did get a one star on Lyft because I stopped a dude from rolling a blunt.

I am Caucasian. I am not racist. I love all people. I treat all of my passengers the same as I would treat my best friend. I have noticed African Americans do not tip very well at all. Why is that?

I’m confused as of why in your post, you failed to use “your” in every place you used “their”? You do understand that I’m black right?:joy::joy::joy:

I’m not the official black spokesperson but in my research of family and friends, its part ignorance and part perspective. I’m black and I am a good tipper for all service. Most black folk that I know look at tipping as EXTRA instead of normal etiquette. Sigh…I despise that behavior. I hate going out with black fiends/family who don’t tip at least 30% for good service. It burns me up. 30% beats the poor tipping stereotype without going overboard.

The reason I said their was because I was speaking of the two women. I knew you were black but it was indifferent. I notice when people tell stories or explain situations and mention race, when race doesn’t have anything to do the story or situation. Does that make sense?

Just something I notice. I just think all races could work on the fact that people are more than the skin tone. I appreciate the different cultures of race and the lifestyles of different races but I would love to see the pigment be overlooked one day. (Not the culture, but the pigment.)

if you hate us so much maybe you can just go paint yourself White?

It’s rideshare, yes ratings will dip and passengers will rate you poorly just like White people do too and any other race. I also have white people who get in my car who don’t speak to me also that happens with Asians too and others too. That’s happened with my fellow black people too.

Another black man who had to find a way to sneak in a slight against black woman because of your one passenger.

Oh well, same old same old. Funny, I never single out black men…hmm

HOLD UP A SECOND: Who are YOU to tell me race had nothing to do with it. Are YOU in my car “with” me when I’m on the road? Do YOU experience “my” passengers behavior when I’m transporting them? Are YOUR ratings slightly affected by pure & chronic ignorance? You have ABSOLUTELY NO right to even “make” that statement unless you’re in “the passenger seat” of my vehicle & you’re not…

Now that’s out of the way: I’m not racist either; never was, isn’t, & never will be, however you can’t help but to notice the demeanor of some passengers vs others & furthermore have to be dumb as a bag of rocks to not “notice” it…

What I mentioned in my posting doesn’t happen “all” the time, but again for those who’re upset “just because the sun rose” to take that out on “you” again is selfish & unfair - “regardless” of the passenger “regardless” of their skin color…

Get the real point of why I posted this status because IT IS a concern; I guess you wouldn’t understand until what happened to me & several others that have posted here, happens to “you” as well…

I’m not going to sit here and defend myself as a new person I’m not a f****** retard and people on here like to treat new people like they’re stupid and retarded just because their new big whoopie f****** deal I’m a driver you’re a driver we didn’t have to get a degree to be a f****** driver but to get have that many people to have 100 people and such a short time a short period of time give me five stars I think is pretty darn good for a new person I’m obviously doing something right but instead you want to try to tear me down and treat me like I’m an idiot because I’m new this isn’t my only job I have another full-time office job that actually pays me a lot more but because I’m by myself and I ran into some tough times after being sick I’m doing this to get caught up on some things but I’m not a f****** idiot just because I’m new at it and in fact if I was a f****** idiot I wouldn’t be able to get that many five-star ratings I have only one four-star rating and I have a 100 5 star ratings and I don’t have any ratings lower than that

I hear you. That pisses me off too about this industry. I was deactivated twice for impaired driving, when it’s the driving itself that is impairing me, long term, because it’s so crappy. I should say its organization and pay structure is crappily conceived by the companies, so they take the minimum of resource investment and responsibility, the driver-partner takes the maximum; and the company also takes a larger share of the profits of the actual work performed than it should, making the work that much less consistently lucrative to do fulltime. Hence the biziness model, “gig economy”, which isn’t a real job…

I know all about that. I picked up a Rider at the airport he had been waiting 15 minutes for another Uber driver. The driver before me had cancelled the ride. I then receive the ride. I carried the rider on a 25 minute journey to his drop off location. The entire time the rider was huffing and puffing as if I was the one that had done the wrong. My rating suffered because the rider was mad at the previous Uber driver.

That’s a shame. I always like to sympathize with them and make it my personal mission to bring them around…like a challenge!

This guy would not have it. From the moment he got in my car till I let him out. He was the type no matter what you say to help he would turn it in to negativity.

All that is bs, I had the same situation, but I was able to make them understand I was not at fault, make them feel important and I get a good tip all the time

It does get hard sometimes to not take it personal I try to look at it like, as long as I stay true to myself and God smile and always be friendly to my riders all will be ok and all will work out. God bless you stay safe and drive on.

Bottom line…everyone is not gonna like you. Keep it pushing.

I’m resilient & have no choice. If it’s not pushing (forward) it’s not me! This is just the very 1st time I’ve ever experienced this & it’s just messed me up a bit. As someone else mentioned in this thread, it’s hard sometimes to “not” take it personal & like you said, you just to keep on pushing!

It’s disheartening is what it is. It caught me off guard the first time but now I’m used to it. But yet the West Africans are literally extending their arm to shake my hand before I can even get my window down. They literally remind me of what history shows, black folks were 60-100 years ago. Kind, classy and hard working. Many of us black folks have lost that along the way.