More Uber managers fall due to the Hack and Jacob's letter

With the current wave of investigations into Uber's sordid past, the infamous 57 million user data hack of 2016 and the Waymo industrial espionage and data theft allegations against Uber, it comes as no surprise that more Uber managers decide to pack up and leave before they are implicated amongst the many that have been implicated before them.

One manager was from Uber's international team, the second from Uber's business operations division and the third was from Uber's physical security team unit. Two of the managers that tended their resignation will remain with the company till the end of the year to complete a smooth transition of their roles to their replacements.

The now-famous Jacob's letter, a 37-page long letter sent by previous security employee to Uber made its way into the light during the recent Waymo court case, where the attorney general's office intervened in a rare instance when it sent the Judge a copy of the letter. It seems that Uber had not fully learned from their past mistakes and tried to keep this important piece of evidence from reaching the prosecution. The judge stated that Uber was now being viewed in a very bad light.

Jacob's stated that Uber incorporated many ways to circumvent detection of their illegal activities including the use of Wickr, a self-deleting messaging app that directed employees to use for communications during their nefarious activities. Jacob's hopes to distance himself from the accusations he himself provides the prosecution with his declarations. Stating that Uber hatched unlawful schemes to keep the truth from ever seeing the light of day.

Uber's deputy general counsel Angela Padilla claims that the letter is a fabrication of the truth and was in fact used as a form of extortion by Jacobs to try and obtain money from Uber illegally. That is perhaps Ubers's current tactic to discredit the letter and base their claim that it was not brought into evidence since it is a work of fiction used for criminal intent.

A recent inter-Uber memo sent by CEO Dara Khosrowshahi and CLO Tony West has demanded that all Uber employees that are still involved in any of the previous CEO's illegal activities stop them immediately. This comes from a major witch hunt of Uber staff after ex CEO, and founder Travis Kalanick stepped down from the CEO position amidst claims of sexual harassment. The true depth and scope of the rot in Uber were not seen until recently.