Mentors telling drivers if they drive other rideshare companies they get fired

I’d like to know why (at least some) Lyft mentors in Nashville are telling driver applicants that if they drive for other rideshare companies that they’ll get “fired.” Is this happening anywhere else? I recall that my mentor didn’t say that outright, but very strongly suggested it.

Do these dipwads not realize that independent contractors can work for whomever they damn well please?

It’s the Lyft cult-like mentality. They lie their asses off about everything.

They may lie about everything, but they are still significantly more driver friendly than uber.

You can drive all rideshares as an independent contractor. I’m in Phoenix and drive several including Lyft. I use Uber car inspection copy for Lyft too.

They can’t. And assuming the contract stipulates that, you’d be a fool to comply. Uber would lose too many drivers if they did that.

That makes no sense at all. What do you mean using “Uber” inspection?

Do you have a link from Lyft or Uber or even from a government website that says you cannot use the same Uber inspection form (that has the same inspection points) for your Lyft inspection? Because I was told it was fine. All you need for govt. requirement is proof of vehicle inspection. Nobody cares what piece of paper it’s on.

How could you use a Domino’s pizza phone line to order a different kind of pizza? You’d get Dominos if you dialed their number.

My point is I’m asking what “inspection” are you referring to? Must be something relatively new, or just in your city.

Are you referring to a mechanic’s inspection of your vehicle for use as a commercial vehicle in the airport? Or some Uber employee taking a glance at your car, kicking the tires, and saying “Pass?”

either mistaken or full of crap. Phoenix and most cities accept the other rideshare inspection forms. Almost identical except the logo.

I guess the inspection form is a rather new thing for Uber. But if he’s talking about a MECHANIC’S inspection form, they can’t not refuse it. But neither an Uber or a Lyft “inspector” is qualified to inspect a vehicle. Any more than any other driver or person off the street is, anyway. My issue with him is that he won’t just answer the freaking question, and keeps using ridiculous analogies.

The goat may eat the grass, but the cow jumps over the moon. Wtf?

Like that. Lol.:grinning:

I used the Uber inspection form that I had a mechanic complete for my Lyft inspection. We’re talking about the mechanical inspection. You only need to have it done once. You don’t have to have two mechanical inspections because one form has an Uber logo and the other has a Lyft logo.

If you signed a contract it may state in there you cannot contract for other rideshare companies. I’m not sure how lyft works though

the mentor wants to get their bonus for newbys driving 20 trips or so…he is FOS

I went out last night and took an Uber with a new driver. He also had tried for Lyft, but didn’t make the grade. (Which is also total bullshit, but a different subject altogether.)

He told me his Lyft mentor told him outright he would be fired for driving for Uber.

There so much shady stuff going on here in Portland. With rideshare just starting. It would be perfect if you could either drive one or the other. And as a TNC company there’s no reason why you can’t have a noncompete clause in your terms of agreement

And it would force the TNC’s to be nicer to their drivers. And there will be more business because there’s less drivers

Even then the only city with a one or the other is Seattle. And it has to do with permits to drive. Been like that for a year and a half.

Also it had nothing to do with a non compete clause just how the city wanted to regulate it.

I stand corrected on the noncompete clause. But there’s a way to do it in the permit here in Portland you have to have a business license. They could make it one or the other. Same as they do with taxis. You can’t be permitted to drive it more than one company.

Right. Same here. But you can switch companies as often as you like, simply by buying a new permit for that particular company for ten dollars.