Make sure to screenshot your waybill for cancelled as no-show trips BEFORE you cancel


(Kelly Hector) #1

Drivers, make sure to screenshot your waybill for cancelled as no-show trips BEFORE you cancel. In our area, Uber is now deleting all evidence of these trips from our profiles as soon as we hit cancel. Then when we ask them where it went and request the cancellation fee, they ask for the trip ID, Rider name pickup and drop off locations. Since Uber is hiding these trips, there isn’t access to this information.

(Jack Dolen) #2

I didn’t screenshot the one from Saturday I had. How slimy! Lesson learned.

(Lisa Markee) #3

If you think about it, if they’re stealing $5 from every driver every day, they’re making a killing

(Christian Odom) #4

Yes!!!..that happened to me last week…what exactly am i screenshoting??..the part when im waiting ??

(Brahim Decker) #5

If you click on the three lines in the upper corner then on waybill it’ll tell you the trip ID, riders name, pickup location.

(Cody Parker) #6

I only have those 3 lines come up when im out of pierce co…the destination filter…i ll figure out something though…lol

(Marsha_Smith) #7

Since Uber says my cancellation rate is 6% (which would be 6 cancellations) and I’ve only been paid for 2 no shows (I always wait the 5 min) I’m guessing that means they hid 4 total from me.

(Chris Stipe) #8

Uber isn’t deleting anything… Yesterday all of my cancellations showed up… It is legitimately a glitch

(Rakesh Sharma) #9

I don’t believe it’s a legitimate glitch for a second. Computers do what they’re told to do. They’re only showing up now because enough drivers called them out on it.

(Abdul Karim) #10

where did I state I hate Uber? Pointing out that Uber is cheating it’s drivers isn’t saying I hate Uber, it saying “cover your ass” because all these so called glitches only benefit Uber. I’m glad your glitch was fixed. You can thank the diligent drivers who call Uber out on it.

(Snyder Reed) #11

It’s when the trip does not show minutes after the cancel. everything after just starts rolling down the hill. I did not s/s before, now I do from the ping on for address and name.

(Hassan) #12

“Computers do what they are told to do” haha. That’s not how this works that’s not how any of this works.

(Laura Lee) #13

a computer does not have a brain and will only do what it’s programmed to do. That’s computers 101. Which I learned on the TRS-80 over 30 years ago. The same is still true today “garbage in, garbage out” This isn’t a connectivity issue, this isn’t network error, this isn’t a 1 or 2 time glitch.

(Abel) #14

If computers only do what they are programmed to do they would never have issues and would work flawlessly. Glitches are a huge part of Technology

(Chris Stipe) #15

I had that happen but I had screenshot my arrival and my text with the pax who said he didn’t order Uber. It took 2 days but I got my $5.

(Marsha_Smith) #16

I had 3 of them over the weekend. They just finally credited the last two to me. Now it is s/c for the info. name, ping time and address.

(Jeremy Mwan) #17

Double check verses assuming it’s a glitch; this is proof that system errors don’t catch everything.

(Cody Parker) #18

That’s true I was trying to find a cancelled trip after 5 minutes and couldn’t find it

(Brahim Decker) #19

Happened to a bunch of drivers in my market but Uber payed me on every one I had disappear

(Garrent George) #20

Yep! I told them that i had at least 2 rider no show cancellations that weren’t showing up and their reply was show us screenshots of the errors… snake ass company