Make sure to screenshot your waybill for cancelled as no-show trips BEFORE you cancel


(Christian Odom) #21

this has happen 4 times last week, I just send Uber an email with the time, pickup location, destination and name of rider, Then get my cancellation fee, actually just heard back from them and got my cancellation from Monday morning

(Lisa Markee) #22

If it’s cancelled as no show, how do you get the destination?
I also emailed them 10 times with all the info (except destination) and their reply is always. We’re working on it wait 24-48 hours.

(Jack Dolen) #23

All this crap uber makes u go through and think twice about your earnings why do you guys keep driving for them??? Why???

(Mark Moore) #24

Uber doing things like a company trying to cash in like they see a bubble about to pop

(Kelly Hector) #25

We need a class action lawsuit for all their games, we shouldn’t have to play ring a round the Rosie to get paid, it’s disgusting!

(Bector Ernest) #26

This happened to me and this is what I did. I kept in contact with them. They added the money into my account today

(Melinda Foster) #27

I noticed that today!! I knew i wasnt tripping! We used to get like 1.50 for someone who cancels during a POOL ride. I didnt get not one fee.