Lyft's Christmas appreciation to its drivers

(Brandon Bhangoo) #1

We all read about how gig economies underpay drivers, and we read about driver's complaints daily. What we don't read is how many drivers actually enjoy their work and how the gig economy has saved a lot of lives from financial ruin. As the end of 2017 draws to a close, Lyft went out and did something special, it reviewed all the most blessed drivers in their system. When we say "blessed" we mean the drivers that received the most positive responses from customers, customers that went out of their way to write to Lyft via their app how much they enjoyed their driving experience.

Apart from giving a uniquely personal gift to these drivers, Lyft filmed them over two days with American based production company Strike Anywhere. The videos are titled "Thank You" with the name of the driver that Lyft has decided to thank. Each driver was given a handwritten letter, yes, a handwritten letter from Lyft's CEO together with a special personalized, life-changing gift.

One such driver is Lamont from Seattle who has given over 23,000 rides. While he drives, he provides a happy and amiable atmosphere and tries to greet each passenger in their native language "a pleasure to meet you." Lamont has learned to say that phrase in a number of languages, and when asked which is his favorite place he has visited, he always answers by saying "the world." In appreciation of Lamont's work and popularity, Lyft is sending Lamont on an all paid for a trip around the world.

In a totally different vein, Paloma from Las Vegas received a special gift for her services. Paloma loves art and always dreamed of sharing her passion with her children, of which some have highly visual autistic traits. Paloma's dream is to visit the Louvre in Paris with her children. What set Paloma out from the rest of the drivers was her bold action during the Las Vegas shootout, which she drove to as it was being reported. Together with her husband, they went to rescue as many people as possible. During her effort's her husband Billy was shot in the back, so Paloma drove him to the emergency ward, saving his life. For this, Lyft gave her a handwritten thank you Paloma note with a gift, sending Paloma and her children to Paris to visit the Louvre.

The "Thank You" videos were produced and directed by Strike Anywhere and director Joshua Z. Weinstein. Each location took two days to shoot.


Clients: Lyft

Director of Creative Production – Topher Lorette

Associate Creative Director, Copy Writer – Brian Button

Associate Creative Director, Art Director – Morten Halvorsen

Senior Creative Producer – Alex Doty

Operations manager, Pacific Northwest – Stephanie Cook


Production Company: Strike Anywhere

Director/DP – Joshua Z Weinstein

Executive Producer – Cori Cooperider

Line Producer – Maya Owings


Editor – Matt O'Donnell

Post Producer – Maya Owings


Color – Ayumi Ashley, MFD

Mix – Joel Raabe, MFD

Conform – Matt Notaro, MFD

Producers – Nick Castillo & Carissa Quiambao, MFD