Lyft's Autonomous Vehicle goes to the Military in California

(Harry) #1

In the ever-continuing saga of autonomous vehicle testing (AV), Lyft just notified the press that they would test their vehicles in the US military base; GoMentum Station in California. This is a 5,000-acre site that was once the Concord Naval Weapons Station military base. While both Uber and Waymo have already gone through this phase and are testing their vehicles on public roads. Lyft has to first go through a private testing phase and only after they complete this level successfully will they be allowed to make trial runs on public roads around the US.

The vehicles that will be tested on this base will come from Lyft's Level 5 Engineering Center in Palo Alto. This center is working under Lyft's Open Platform Initiative in collaboration with Land Rover, Jaguar, General Motors, and Waymo.


The new partnership between Lyft and GoMentum Station, will improve the efficiency of their research and help Lyft finalize this phase quickly. Luc Vincent, Lyft's VP of Engineering told the press that by partnering with GoMentum, their research would enable testing the cars in a secure location and in an efficient way. According to the GoMentum site: "GoMentum Station in Concord, California is the nation's largest secure testing facility for autonomous and connected vehicle technology." GoMentum is owned and operated by The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA). CCTA is a public agency formed by Contra Costa voters in 1988. It was founded as an effort to manage the county's transportation sales tax program and oversee countywide transportation planning efforts.

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(Andrew Martin) #2

niice, what a great idea. Buy out a defunct military base and create a research station for auto and transport tech companies. The great inventive minds are at work.

(Brandon Bhangoo) #3

Lyft wants to fix all the kinks with autonomous technology by giving it to the military? Soon, we might see them in the battlefield in Afghanistan and Iraq, I guess.

(Steve Mann) #4

I am sure we will have AV tanks soon, we’ve got robot dogs and man controlled drones, the next step is a remote controlled heavy tank and some artillery. Keep the human of the field, save lives, kill machines. Mind you, after all the machines are destroyed, how will you know which side won?