Lyft has done away with long pickup fees

Well… It’s happened… Apparently starting today! Thanks for the heads up Lyft! Now I guess we’re dammed if we do and dammed if we don’t… Sigh… Ok, 10 second rant done.

I always just clicked on the ride, followed the prompts until they asked if I wanted to be called or emailed… Always asked for the call and always got the fee

obviously I always called about a specific ride too. How did you get someone right away? It takes 10 minutes just to get an operator.

I’ve always gotten them with just a phone call… Until today! Called like i normally do after the ride was over and was told, effective today, they no longer give them… Apparently they didn’t even tell the people who answer the phones until they got to work!

good luck…im in neither of those regions but ive gotten 3 this week and just 1 last night…thought it seems to take a week for it to credit and it shows as a bonus…not in the ride itself…which makes it difficult to track if there are multiple

since im in a small market and most of my runs are under 10 minutes long and a few miles away, they aren’t common…3 in a week was the most ive seen in a few months

Yeah I’ve had plenty of those! Lol! Usually I can make enough while I’m up there doing quick 2 mile runs to pay for my way home, but there have been times when I’ve eaten the 40 min ride home

I wonder if it’s different for different markets or if they just stopped it all together? Next time I have one, I’ll email like always and see what happens.

I do the call instead of the email… It seems to take so long doing it thru email… Call takes all of 5 minutes! Lol! I live in a very rural area so 80% of my pickups are over 10 miles away

I’m rural so that’s mostly what I get unless I spend the day sitting in my car downtown… I’m also usually the only driver around here during the day…

I’ve never turned down a pickup but as of this morning no more pickups over 10 miles, I had to eat about 35 miles this morning

I wont pick up anything farther then 8 mins on regular and 4 mins on pool or shared if I pick those up at all

Really? I just called about 3 rides and was told as a courtsey i got 5 per ride cause they were 10 minutes each to pick up

You just have to ask.
They never did give it up front. They don’t charge rider. Any compensation will be directly from Lyft

The word I got this afternoon was they no longer give compensation for long pick-ups… Don’t know if that’s just a regional thing thou

They didn’t give me pay for my long pickup today they just said if it’s to far away don’t accept it. That way they can bitch about a 5% acceptance rate lol

The only problem with that is I’m usually the only driver in my area during the day… So it’s me or nobody… And what happens when a pax complains that they can’t get a ride and Lyft finds out I’m the only driver? Are they gonna deactivate me cuz I keep declining a call?

Yeah they told me the same thing… Even went as far as to tell me that it doesn’t count against me if I decline… Which we all know is BS! Lol!

yeah it’s definitely bs or they wouldn’t be saying your acceptance rate is low with every request or send nasty emails

Really if it’s more than 9 minutes away I don’t accept it or the opposite direction that I’m traveling in
Yeah I really don’t care