Lyft driver tried to scam me


(Audrina Jameson) #1

Used a Lyft Plus last night that came out to about $10 more than the estimate given. When the driver finally ended the ride about 5 minutes after droppibg me off, I noticed that the dropoff point was different than the one I had entered in the app and where he actually dropped me off. I did a fare review and listed the correct p/u and dropoff points. Turns out I got a $10 refund. I gave this guy 5 stars and a $5 tip. Why do drivers do this? End the trip as soon as the pax gets out of the car. Crazy thing is that I told him I was a driver also and I feel like he still tried to scam me by driving a little extra before ending the trip. Jackass!!!

(Peter Dave) #2

I have had the app mess up on me, I pull out of the way and keep trying until it ends.

(Mitchel) #3

It’s really hard to know who to side with on this one because I’ve been on both sides. When I was using Uber in Vietnam, the driver didn’t end the ride until 30 mins after I was dropped off. I had to email Uber for a fare adjustment and they took care of it within minutes.

When I drive, there are some rural parts of the island where I dropoff (Hawaii) and I can’t get the ride to end until I get back onto the main street where I got reception back. It’s never intentional to not end the ride, but I know I have to move back towards a main area or I won’t be able to end the ride.

(Haris_McMan) #4

Yeah but if you are honest you tect the passenger and let him know and contact uber. So if the driver didnt do this it was a scam

(Amanda Halen) #5

I end the trip as soon as I get there while the pax is getting out my car so I could avoid a situation like this

(Maurice Nixon) #6

I can’t even get an estimate on the app, it keeps saying N/A. Other riders are telling me the same thing.

(Andrew Martin) #7

I’ve forgotten to end trips on Lyft before because Lyft switches you out of the app & into a navigation app. He probably just forgot to switch it back to the Lyft app after he dropped you off.

(Kimberly Nelson) #8

I have found some areas where the app will not let me end a ride due to connection issues. Not just with Uber, but with Lyft and DoorDash as well. Sometimes it can be 5 minutes before you can mark a drop off or delivery as completed.

(Sharon Green) #9

Yeah, it takes the app almost 5 minutes just to tally up the fare. I have to press the button again just to make sure sometimes.

(Sue Cooper) #10

I dunno about Lyft but Ubers driver and pax app SUCKS anymore lots of disconnects mistypes slow speeds etc.

(Donna Harris) #11

Don’t know what his true reasons are but sometimes I can’t and trip due to the system’s down and I have to move to another location.

(Michaela Biksacky) #12

There was one time i drove someone from the airport… And he was going 10 miles past west bumfuck just over. Where the fuck am i mountains… I couldnt end the trip for 40mins of the ride back home … When i did end it . it had the end location correct…

(Sheena Washington) #13

Btw … Why i dont like picking up at airport … And the guy got in saying " you’re gonna hate me"

(Brendan Halai) #14

Sometimes the app will lock up due to cell signal, and you have to relocate

(William Murphy) #15

There has been time where the app freezes on me after dropping the pax off, and i cant end the trip… i have yo drive a little because of traffic or whatever… once the app comes back im able to end the trip. I never drive more than a block though, i pull over.

(Graham Sandy) #16

Because there are dishonest people in the world. My exboyfriend was an Black/ SUV Uber driver and did shit like that all the time. He was also the shittiest boyfriend I ever had. He didn’t last long in screwing over people before Uber deactivated his butt two weeks after I did.

(Mathew Boolean) #17

Yeah mine has been locking up taking pax and dropping them off on occasion their apps suck if I think it’s something fucked up like that I’ll write down the addresses and approx times on a napkin or text it to myself for further reference.

(Trish Richardson) #18

You don’t think it was the app bc it didn’t necessarily had to be him. It has been acting up lately. (Just a thought)

(Lance Rodriguez) #19

He may not have had a signal to end the trip. Happened to me once in the country. 30 minutes before I could end the ride. Of course, I requested a fare adjustment.

(Melinda Foster) #20

Probably an accident,I’m sure they weren’t trying to scam you,at least you were on top of it.