Lyft driver tried to scam me


(Bector Ernest) #21

He probably calls Pax at the airport and asks them where they’re going: if they’re not going far enough he cancels

(Kelly Hector) #22

It may have been accidental. But yeah that’s stupid, when pax gets out trip ends everyone reviews bam!

(Jack Dolen) #23

It is unfortunate that some feel they have to scam to survive. So few understand the law of cause and effect. Sorry for your problem, you did the right thing and posting it here may enlighten a few. Thank you.

(Lisa Markee) #24

I had a recent trip where I could not end the ride - it took 10 extra min forcing the app and subsequently had to reboot my phone - happy my pax didn’t blast me on FB

(Christian Odom) #25

I end the trips as soon as they step out of my vehicle. If they have luggage, I end the trip first and then assist them. Drivers should always end the trip before they drive away.

(Brahim Decker) #26

I end the trip when they are completely out of my car but before I pull off. I quickly look in the back to make sure that there is no mess left behind before I end it…it’s easier to track who left the mess that way

(Cody Parker) #27

At 35 cents a mile he would have to make the drop off appear in another state to see anything that would resemble a rip off. Saying you got off a block or blocks early make no difference !! 35 cents a mile !