Lyft Driver Eduard Pazdnik was Shot Multiple Times in the Back in Miami Dade County

A shooting was reported to police that occurred around 10:30pm on Saturday in the 7700 block of Northwest 10th Avenue of Miami Dade county.

Eduard Pazdnik, a Lyft driver, responded to a request t pick up a passenger at around 10pm, he picked up two passengers and was told to drive to a new destination, and not the one in the ride request. When Pazdnik reached the destination, the passengers allegedly shot Pazdnik in the back with a taser and tried to steal his vehicle. Pazdnik allegedly fought off his attackers but was shot four times in his back as he tried to run away. He managed to make a 911 call before succumbing to the bullet wounds.

Pazdnik is still in intensive care, and the police are still looking for the attackers.

Lyft has deactivated the customer's account and passed on all relevant information to local law enforcement. According to Kate Margolis, a Lyft spokesperson, "This situation is deeply disturbing and upsetting," and added that "The safety of our driver community is our top priority and has been from day one. Our concern is with the well-being of Mr. Pazdnik, and we have reached out to him to communicate our full support and assistance."

Police are calling for anyone to come forward with information to help with the investigation.

One of the biggest problems we have as Uber/Lyft drivers is the company policy that we cannot defend ourselves. Which means that we have to think what is more important, our job or our life. Unfortunately this poor driver had no chance to decide, getting shot in the back is about the worst that can happen and I personally want the death penalty for anyone that shoots someone else in the back.

I don’t think having a gun on him would have made a difference. When you are shot in the back its a problem getting the gun to protect yourself. However, if he kept the gun on himself, instead of running away, he could have got a shot off or more, saving his life and getting deactivated from Uber.
By The Way: _I am starting a class action against Uber on this issue and I am calling all drivers to join in, Uber cannot threaten a driver with deactivation or even disallow a driver to carry a gun, do you know why? _
Here is the biggie: It is my constitutional right to bear arms, its my 2nd amendment right to bear arms and therefore Uber is unconstitutional and cannot be allowed to make a clause that contradicts a constitutional right. The contract with Uber in relation to bearing arms is illegal and unconstitutional!!!

Yup, I agree with that sentiment. I actually do own a few guns, I like to shoot on a range and sometimes I go skeet shooting too, but that’s because I was in the army for four years. I know I can handle myself in most situations, I have had a few situations where I would have preferred my S&W to be with me, but Uber’s rules restrict this. I never thought of the 2nd amendment rights, funny how something so intrinsic would be missed.