Lyft deactivated me Labor day weekend Sunday!

Then I sent email to support a few hours later activate me because I’ve been best driver rating good feedback from passengers last 18 months!!! Reason all of this hassle b/s for I contacted passengers who requested me more than 20min 30min away let them know I’m too far away if you rush anytime cancel free of charge unfortunately 5 times in row passengers cancelled!!!Lyft driver team deactivated me because I contacted passengers lead them to cancel??? Seriously??? Why I do that if I working busy day spent my holiday for on the road??? Please look out support response email!!

Once paired, you may also contact the passenger and let them know that you’re too far away to reach them, which will take you a long time to travel to their location. With this, you may ask them to kindly cancel the ride on their end and request for another Lyft ride, so it won’t affect your acceptance rate. This may cause them to worry about being penalized, so just let them know that since you’re ETA is above 5 minutes, they will not be charged a cancellation fee.

This is exactly they telling me how to inform passengers and not effect my rating!!! Which is they didn’t know what they doing or not communicate with driver team who power of deactivate drivers???

Same happened to me last month and got reactivated for being in good standing

All drivers who got this kind issue keep sending emails more pressure on them probably will fix issues!!! All for one ,One for all!!!

they know how far u are from them at the time of their request. You don’t need to call them.

They don’t really know, like they know a general idea, but that general idea doesn’t account for traffic.

Every time I have used it the eta has updated live. The pax knows exactly how far away you are at all times. They choose not to look.

If you watch the app it tells you an estimate of how long it will be for the driver to arrive. It shows the number of minutes right next to the car on the map. I have found that it gets to be inaccurate around the two minute mark but has been getting better.

Maybe work on that subject verb agreement then send an email they understand.

I speak three and I also think you should at least try to make yourself understood instead of writing an insane amount of information completely mixed up in weird verb conjugation and no structure.

Simply ignore the request if it’s too far away for you. Easy simple and no mess

I’m aware of that, it’s called Power Driver Bonus. I’ve never even attempted to go for it, so it has no effect on me. Like i said, it all depends on your goals

They threatened my boyfriend with this several times. They tell you one thing and then they do another they tell you to contact the passenger and let them know your ETA then if the passenger decides to cancel you get the bullet. I’ve kind of found a way around it send them a text and let them know you’re on your way but you’re 35 minutes out or however long the ETA is Lyft can read these text messages. I’ve gotten fortunate enough to not get flagged by Lyft on canceling.

What number do you use to text them? Because that is not an option here in Vegas.

Its the bay area. Thats why. A lot of people are cheap bastards and libtards in the bay… :unamused::unamused::unamused:

I did called not answering then texted result deactivated!!!Help from support contact passengers inform ETA then pax cancel not effect my rating result deactivated!!!

They legally CAN NOT DEACTIVATE you for missing ride requests. They got sued over that. If it’s to far miss the ride.

This problem only occurs big holiday weekend or major events!!!If not accept couple times in row also warning low acceptance rate result deactivated!!!

You will never get deactivated for a low acceptance rate.

Actually Lyft did send me warning messages which is make me nervous uncomfortable!!!

I don’t understand some drivers asking me about why I accept or why you cancel???Act like never drive or never had issues experience???Cherry pick up? If I do that how come I made everyweek complete all bonuses more 120 trips more than 9000 trips less than 2 years???