Lyft deactivated me for trying to get my bonus

Looks like Lyft deactivated me because of trying get my bonus??? Especially I did contact April couple times and she decided deactivated me!!! Wow unbelievable!!! I believe Lyft better than Uber end of day they threat drivers same as disposal!!! Anyone anytime any reason fired right away!!! Doesn’t care how is hard work loyal Platinum driver doesn’t matter???

This post hurt my head trying to read it. I still don’t understand exactly what happened from the pictures either. Did they deactivate you for reaching out to them to prove it wasn’t your fault that you couldn’t get to 90%??? That’s my best guess…

Lyft is Uber in pink! For a long time I warned about Lyft. If Uber is he griddiest, Lyft is by far the sneakiest, always in Uber’s shadows with dirty little secrets. They wanna give a cool image, they care about the drivers and they lure thousands of you by showing rides price without commissions and the naive ones think that Lyft pays better.

omg thank you for the comment about the pay. that shot pisses me off so much. I dont care what the customer paid lyft. I want to see what I earned. sneaky bastards.

Uber lets you know when they are fucking you over … Lyft just slips it in while your sleeping and acts like nothing happened the next day

Lyft is more transparent. If you can’t look at the fare and decipher what you earned, you probably shouldn’t be doing this. Seriously, you guys are too lazy to do basic math?

I’m sorry but uber is way more transparent. if you have to stop and do any kind of calculations to see what your earnings are than that is a company that is being shady. uber tells you exactly what the pax paid and what you earned. it doesn’t show up at the end of the ride like the whole payment is yours. that is sneaky as hell.

it’s not being lazy , it’s just when I see people here posting their earnings and saying they make more with Lyft. Here in San Francisco the fares are the same. Lyft isn’t more transparent, when you are in a surged area for a long time they showed a surge range (25-100%) while they charge a 200% to the riders

Lyft riders here also tend to take longer rides, thus the difference. It’s going to vary widely between markets, I’m just saying, the math is not that difficult. Also, if Lyft really is that shady on the fares, it’s only a matter of time before they lose a major lawsuit as well, in which case I’ll get a fat stack of back pay, lol

You didn’t do a good job explaining this. Pls show if it was indeed a bonus disagreement or something in that nature.

If you can still sign on. you are not deactivated. Lyft has been having server issues for a week now . The same error that you are getting I have had for a week on and off

Because I fight for my bonus which is all week hard work nothing because of system glitch!!! Or error!!! I did send bunch of emails explanation proof what I have ended Lyft tired from me???

If you did all what you said by sending a “bunch” of emails------may have pissed someone off, instead of sending one and maybe waiting a week for a response, then YES they may have deactivate you permanently with no explanation.

This happen to a very close friend of mine, she emailed numerous times about pay / situation she was having. Guess someone got tired or bothered by her ranting & they deactivated her with no why, nothing just done! If TRUE in your case just move on, don’t let this stop you!!!

I’ll be fine plenty of opportunities in America!!! Luckily I live in best country of world!!! Anyway keep fighting my rights!!! Against discrimination!!! I have pretty good proof and lot of support from fellow drivers!!!

Dude this post was a waste of time… you never explained the real reason of your deactivation…smh

The deal was for 90% to get the bonus. You appealed,they reviewed and found that there was no error. Unless you can prove it,they were within the rights and agreement. The human thing to do would have been to just give it you. They didn’t and you didn’t like that and maybe were too aggressive about it and they deactivated you. End of story.

They are threating to deactivate me because of riders BS , some say i brake hard , some say i speed , and some say i drive intoxicated lllol

I think hes trying to say that BECAUSE of the system errors he wasnt able to get more rides to push his acceptance rate over the threshold

Also let you know guys I’m waiting final decision if Lyft done with me I’ll turned over everything what I have given to lawyers who suing Lyft!!! I don’t care win or lose their problem!!! Nothing I lose!!!

that was their final decision. you may wan to review the T&Cs & make sure you have all your ducks in a row before investing in a lawyer