Lyft deactivated me cause someone alleged I was using illegal substances

I don’t know what happens. Lyft deactivated me 'cause someone alleged that I was using illegal substances. I wrote by Twitter to John Zimmer 'cause is a total slander. Today, I received other message that I was driving with 2 friends and one of them had alcohol. I feel very sad, never I thought to live that injustice.

Keep trying and denying the allegations against you. They should reactivate. Good luck

Email them back and tell them you never had or have anyone with you in the car when you are working. You know it is against the rules and you abide the rules 100%

Fight it and when you get reactivated first what you need to do, get dual dash cam! No fake reports win against video and voice recordings!

Keep fight!!! Don’t give up!!! That’s what I beat alleged allegations against anyone accused me!!!

They should ask for drivers to submit to a drug test before believing a pax with these allegations.

NOW I HAVE SEE IT ALL…This happened to me last week w Uber,I lost 2 days of wk over the LIE…I see it every week on these groups and NOW YOU GET 2!!! Something HAS to be done,this has gone on to long and is getting worse! These lying ass pax are fake to your face and will sell you out for a free ride and a future credit and I get to miss 2 days of pay something wrong with that picture?!? Also they do it for days!?! They should KNOW we aren’t all fucked up driving because seems more than one rider would say something in an 8hr wk period??? ALSO it doesn’t take 48 to NOT be under the influence anymore even thou we ALL know us drivers are not taking that risk…

Crazy to see these posts more often. I actually had a pax tell me yesterday that he had emailed Lyft cause he thought his driver was drunk. Claims the driver was swerving too much. I gotta say the Pax was deff a character too. I guess we gotta be careful out there.

Seems like lift does that often to drivers because I hear the same story many times already

It’s not exclusive to Lyft, Uber does it as well. There are horror stories out there about both companies.

The funny thing about it is that these fucks are so cheap they probably would take a ride with a drunk driver…driver would be swerving and shit and pax would be like here plug my aux cord in im going 1.2 miles

This is getting so out of hand…allowing the passenger to have such control over the drivers

If it helps jog your memory for which ride it was, it definitely sounds like a line ride–more specifically, not the first pickup out of 2 or more. Deactivated temporarily is SOP for investigating time, don’t sweat it. This is why y’all need to keep those ratings high–otherwise one bad night or an allegation of some sort and yer toast. Hoping for the best outcome for you.

Thanks! No was lyft line, because I drove in Tampa. In Tampa there is not line or pool.

Let’s schedule a day off, a day off for every driver and let’s make it a Friday. When the pissed off passengers can’t get home from their drunken night out and the companies take in no money. Then they might listen. Besides after a night off 30% of drivers might not return. They will realize what they sacrifice to make this measly money.

We did this last year to uber ,no luck to many drivers and now with the car rental program even more drivers. I have friends that take uber and allot are thankful they have a job so uber wins even more. I am thankful as well but I don’t want to drive people as a career.

Would a dash cam help in this situation? To prove yourself innocent for future victims?
I need to get one.

I had dash cam footage of 2 passengers who claimed I “picked up the wrong person.” I offered it to Uber and they never took me up on my offer. It’s good to have, but Uber never reviewed my footage. I only had to email them like 10 plus times.

All lies just to get a free ride, or reduction for future fares. Sure we have free will, but resorting to lies is unnecessary and unwarranted. People that lie in which damages the welfare and livelihood of others should be rewarded by spending an eternity burning in hell as a result of their deception and false claims.

Seriously…I hate cheap passengers. Screwing over every driver in their path all in the name of a free ride. And lyft and uber just taking their word for it, without even doing the due diligence of looking at a driver’s feedback, ratings, and history. Fuck them all.