Lyft Average Hourly Guarantees--How much do Lyft drivers make on average?

(Eric Moore) #1

Lyft average hourly price guarantee. How does it show and when do I get the hours accounted for? So far I have done every single hour in the guarantee, with a ride each, and I only see the miserable amount I have made today. Almost 7 hours and $55.

(Bick Bhangoo) #2

Lyft promos are sketchy. If you don’t complete a ride within the hour, you don’t qualify for the $.

(Eric Moore) #3

Yeah, when am I supposed to see it, end statement, do I have to wait for the day to be over?

(Sheena Washington) #4

You see it on Tuesday earnings report.

(Harold Young) #5

I drove 7 hours of their guarantee Friday. I took every ride and the last hour barely got my minimum ride for the guarantee with 6 minutes left. That last 1-mile ride was worth $25 to me before Lyft’s fee.

(Kimberly Nelson) #6

Keep in mind that at the end of the statement they lump together all the hours and give you the difference of all of them. Not individually.

(Brahim Decker) #7

I ignore the guarantee. I focus mainly where the businesses are at. As soon I hit the jackpot. Booom I guaranteed my hours.

(Jose Hernandez) #8

And don’t forget they count tips in the calculation of earnings towards the guarantee which I think is bull shit.

(Harris Frank) #9

I agree with you it is illegal under labor laws but who is going to sue that’s like saying ok we will pay you your waitress pay of 4.35 an hour any tips you make on cc will be deducted till you reach 0.00 dollars an hour that we owe you this was an actual trend in high-end restaurants in the late 90s if you were a college student you would get a job working at a Ruth Chris style or higher restaurant as a server an basically volunteer to wait tables if you didn’t make minimum wage in tips they would pay the difference if you did then you wouldn’t receive a paycheck a friend worked under that scale in Chicago for 2 years while in college.

(Jose Hernandez) #10

I tried this guarantee thing on Lyft early New Years morning. There was a $45 hourly guarantee from 3-4am. I only needed one ride during that hour. So I got up early and went out (I usually do early mornings anyway). I got my one ride during that hour at 351am. $11.32 (my share) plus a $5 tip. I ended up getting my “bonus” of $18.68. The incentive ended up being everything but. That was the last and only time I chased a guarantee. Bill shit is a euphemism for how pissed I was. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always prefer Lyft over Uber, but that was dirty.

(Graham Sandy) #11

I agree with you I always opt in if it’s during my usual driving hours last night I got $12 over A guarantee timeframe. Of nine hours driving more than what I earned because my $28 in tips on app cut into the differential.

(David Smith) #12

Agree 110%. Just like the carrot Uber dangles in front of us in the form of bright red surge maps. I only chase the surge in the unique of circumstances, like when Raleigh had that ice storm in early January, and there were no other drivers willing to brave the roads. Being from up north can have perks.

(Cody Parker) #13

Yes…because in my market if it’s looking like I’m going to fall short, they send me on a long run at 55 minutes after the hour, guaranteeing both my amount for that hour PLUS not being able to qualify the next hour at all…

(Kelly Hector) #14

Lyft hourly guarantees, has it been worth it just working one platform to meet the criteria? Received 0 ride requests in the zone during a guarantee hour=0 dollars for me last night. Did all the “right” things to work the area strategically, i.e., Turned on pax mode to see where drivers were and positioned me elsewhere, etc. Do you say screw guarantees and work both Uber/Lyft entirely as it’s just a ploy to saturate an area with drivers and ultimately you don’t make jack balls?

(Timothy Clark) #15

I said screw the guarantees. I did one on the 5th. I should have got 3 hours worth of guarantees. But because I denied one ride and canceled two that never showed up, I did 13/16 rides, and they say I didn’t meet it. Not my fault pax didn’t show up.

(Jerry Hall) #16

I’m in the Dallas area. Lyft has hourly guarantees that seem tempting, especially since it seems like not many rides come through Lyft in comparison with Uber. Then again I might not be giving it enough time… has anyone ever ditched uber for a night and tried the hourly guarantee? What was your experience like? I’d be afraid I’d be taken away from the guarantee area and not qualify for being gone too long…

(Dennis Scott) #17

I did the hourly guarantee this past weekend. I failed to get the required two rides per hour for all but 3 hours. The rides I took to keep my acceptance rate high worked against me. Some were 20 minutes away then long trips, which paid well, so left me unable to do two rides…only 60 minutes in an hour. I was pulled out of primetime areas as well. I won’t do it again. Not enough business in my area.

(Donna Harris) #18

It’s not calculated per ride, it’s an hourly guarantee so they calculate it based on your total rides per hour in the required zone. So if your Guarantee is $25/hr and your 3 rides during that hour average out to $23/hr gross they kick in $2 then take their cut.

(Andrew Martin) #19

It’s a lot trickier than you might know. It’s not just for a single hour qualified but the total hours of the same amount tallied into one large sum and then if it exceeds the sum from that bracket they will give you the excess. I cannot find a simpler way to explain that.

(Bick Bhangoo) #20

Think of it like this. If your guarantee is $20/hr, if you earn $10, 10, and 50, you don’t get anything for those first two hours since they take the avg of all your hours that qualify, and that $50 pulled up your avg, so you made more than $20/hr across all the hours.

If you have a big earning hour, consider logging off, so you’re not online for 50 mins (one of the requirements) in the hour, so it doesn’t count against you.