Lyft Average Hourly Guarantees--How much do Lyft drivers make on average?

(Trish Richardson) #21

Lyft guaranteed an hourly rate of $35 an hour, or Uber with 3x surge covering the whole city and staying there… which would you drive? Understanding that my market isn’t that huge, and surge isn’t common except on nights like this, so this is a big deal.

(Jack Dolen) #22

Meet your minimum rides with Lyft then hard close the App if using iPhone for each request after that and take Uber rides until the next hour then start over.

(Bick Bhangoo) #23

Running both apps pretty much ensures you can’t meet the requirements for Lyft’s guarantee unless the offer is good for individual hours. Like, do you have to be available for the entire guarantee period, or can you work one hour and get your $35.

Uber offered a guarantee for new year’s, and I met the requirements for all but the first and last hour and didn’t get the money, so I guess it was an all or nothing deal.

(Mitchel) #24

The chances of you making extra money during a guarantee are slim and none. Lyft is not going to send you a bunch of little tiny rides they’re not just giving away their money they will not send you a ride at all if that’s the case. You can guarantee that whatever guarantee they gave you, you will hit that guarantee before you completed that number rides because they count your share their share plus your tips.

(Christian Odom) #25

They will put so many requirements on that guarantee, good luck achieving it. I quit even trying with Lyft. Once I was owed 2 hours guaranteed. I didn’t get it, so I emailed. They replied that I was not online 50 min out of an hour which was a lie. I didn’t shut off my app the whole night because of the 50 min requirement. I told them that, and then they changed it, so I had not completed two rides an hour, so I showed them my trip history. Then they said that the rides didn’t all start in the designated area. Which they did. This designated area used to be 4x as big as it is now. They know the odds of anyone meeting their requirements is slim to none. If you do they can and will say for some reason you didn’t qualify