Leave that to Lyft for in-app tipping

I feel( strong emphasis on I) like it’s unprofessional to have a tip container or anything of the sort in your car. Give good service and you will be fine! 💁🏽
I feel (emphasis on I ) jokers need to be reminded of that good service and show some gratitude and let the 185.00 tip nights continue.

it ain’t going nowhere. Plus pax can’t unlock the door. I set my controls to control the environment… nobody enter or leaves until I’m ready

I used to have one and someone reported me and UBER threatened to shut down my app.:rage: however I’ve been contemplating putting it back. Is that the type you use ? Where can I get one of those glass boxes :package:?

I feel you but I just feel it’s unfair that uber practically tells passengers not to tip us with these low rates… I use it 100% of my tips to offset the cost of gas and it makes a huge difference.

Is it also unprofessional for a restaurant to have a tip jar? People know a service, but it serves as a reminder. Like someone else said Uber says don’t tip then tip so some people are unsure if it’s appropriate

I think you have to be an ambassador for yourself. Kind of contradictory as I analyze. What Uber wants vs what you actually provide. What the rider pay vs what you actually get. Professional vs non professional. Shit, a taxi had no problem asking for a tip in a shitty car. I stay professional and get the tips, big tips at that. So I guess it’s all in how you view it.

I feel( strong emphasis on I) like it’s unprofessional to have a employee mindset in an independent contractor position.

(Insert image of my tip jar stuffed with money)

I guess most of us are stunned that you not only drank the Kool aid, but grabbed it with both hands and gobbled it down.

No coins in my tip box. But…I can fill my tank 3 times a week on tips. Now…I can choose to not do that, but… Why would I?

This post is false due to the fact that there are drivers walking up 13 flights of stairs to bring pizza to customers…for no tip. Is that not good service? And when they receive nothing for their efforts, but a pat on the head…do we simply tell them, “Don’t worry… You’ll be fine.”?

Dude how are u goin to say it’s a false post of it’s MY opinion hence the first word! lol I’m not talkin about eats I’m simply talkin about have a baby wipes container in ur car beggin for tips. Relax

there will be someone to prove that there may or may not be purple clouds. Point being you can’t argue with someone over their opinion calling it false lol what works for you works for u! Please continue to shine and get money! :joy:

She was saying that’s why people like lyft better so I was saying that even Lyft let’s people tip lol. I already got a tip jar in the works lol It’s def the way to go. I 100% agree. I prefer cash over card anyday lol

Lmao at this post… even tho I disagree with her opinion she is definitely entitled to her own opinion about having a tip jar… but it’s definitely a fact that you get more tips with a tip jar and I personally wish I had thought of it sooner. I think you should give it a try you’ll thank us all later lol. Really it’s not begging it’s saying “if you enjoyed a service that could have been crappy on my behalf I’d appreciate a tip but thanks anyway if you don’t tip”

Soooooooo that’s my girlfriend and we both uber. I actually take an opposing position to her but like she said she is entitled to her opinion. I’m going to do it and that’s all that matters. An opinion that wasn’t mine never mattered much to me and that should go for more if not all of us. IMHO

right… I think ppl just like to argue over bull… she went out of her way to let it be known it was a opinion… she handled the foolery well tho lmao

That night when the winter storm was coming I was out driving in heavy rains. My last client of the night was in the car when he tipped. He goes let me give you this, as he completed app. Then he says to go home for the night. Why did the pretender only tip $1. SMDH!

This is a prime example of how Uber co-opts governments, investors, and individuals to do what’s best for Uber and not for themselves. It’s a guide that reinforces lack of dignity and self-worth and enables drivers to believe, like sheep, that the slaughterhouse offers shelter and comfort. If this had been the case with most folks, there would have never been an American Revolution or Civil Rights Act. Hitler used the same logic to convince the Polish Jews to “do right”. Look how that turned out.

I tip at the restaurants every time I go. And the tip given depends on the service . So there is nothing wrong with receiving tips. We provide a great service and they don’t wait more than 5 min for a ride any time of the day. They should tip automatically!!!

I absolutely think the passengers need to be educated on the ability to tip. Uber has said not to for so long they have no idea. After putting signs in my car 70% of my rides tip. If only a dollar!