Law Professor was Sexually Harassed by an Uber Driver

Some Uber drivers know how to be low life's but knowing when to be a low life is also part of the stupidity. It seems that all this particular driver needed to do next walked into the local Sheriff's office and fondle a cop on duty.

This is the story of Law professor Nancy Leong that requested a ride to Denver airport; the ride started out well enough. The driver picked up his passenger from the hotel, but instead of driving towards the airport he decided to drive her to another hotel and pulled off the highway.

During the ride, Leong screamed at the driver and demanded that he stop the car and open the locked doors. Leong then proceeded to hit the windows to no avail. Only when the driver notices that some construction workers were watching the episode from the side did he stop the car and let her out.

Leong then pounded on the back of the car for the driver to take out her bags.

Leong tweeted her situation "Hey @Uber your driver was taking me to the airport. He said he was going to 'take me to a hotel' and got off the highway. We got to a stop light. I started yelling 'let me out of the f—ing car,' and he wouldn't unlock the doors."

In the next tweet she wrote, "Then he got out of the car and started coming toward me," she wrote. "Remember we are at a stop light at the bottom of a highway off ramp. There's nothing around. Thank god there were construction workers there."

Leong then called Uber for another car, which shows she realizes that not all Uber drivers are douche bags.

She claims that the car rolled into the intersection and nearly crashed into parked cars.

Uber sent Leong their standard automated reply, by tweeting it back "Hi, Nancy. Our team will be reaching out to you personally. We greatly appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this matter. Rest assured, we take this matter seriously."

An Uber spokesperson told the media that "What Nancy described is awful and unacceptable. This driver has been blocked from the app, and we are investigating."

My take: once again another sick driver. I know that we all pass background checks, but I think it might be the time that all drivers, as well as applicants, pass a focused psych test to try and find out any "red flags" for disturbed individuals. What do you think?

I have to say that the profession of the passenger is irrelevant, whether they are unemployed or a Trump family member, no one should harass anyone at any time. The fact that some male drivers cannot keep their dicks in their pants and cannot stop their brain chemistry from taking over is a major issue that will continue to afflict Uber and Lyft drivers everywhere. Screening does not show sexual harassment issues unless they are caught, and many people get away with this bad habit because many women either are too scared to file a complaint or take it in their stride as an acceptable but unwanted norm of the society they live in.
The only way to stop this form happening is to set up an extra “leg” on the application process, and have all applicants answer a loaded list of questions. The answers will allude to possible sexual harassment preferences and as such allow Lyft and Uber to reconsider allowing the applicant access to employment with them. This is not a failsafe, but it can help by applying psychological screening to an otherwise “too liberal” application process.