Just know that chances are we won’t be getting a tip

I love it when a passenger confirms they had a great ride, great conversation and appreciates all
the freebies. Then tells me they will tip in the app… then doesn’t.

How does everyone handle that?

Avoiding the freebies avoiding conversations I do Uber select and usually I don’t talk to anybody and I get my tips

Just give them 1 star and move on

They can not tip until you rated them, even thru they can not see the rating. I know this because a passenger sit in my vehicle one time and could not tip me until I rated him. He was a driver also.

I have had people tell me they would tip, and a few days go by, and suddenly it appears. People sometimes shut down the app, don’t use it for a few days, and when they finally do, realize they meant to tip and do so. It’s really not something to stress over.

Next time, ask them to do it in front of you so you can make sure you get it because uber/ lyft steals our tips sometimes…that’ll set em straight.

You just handle it.
Bitch to yourself for a couple minutes, then forget about it and move on. You can also share a video of them on YouTube saying it.


Just keep driving. What else can you do? Nobody is required to tip. If they give me a tip great. If they dont great. I’ve only had 6 riders our of the 300 that tipped me when they said they would do it in the app. Everyone is not a man/woman of their word. Welcome to America.

Remember a tip is just a bonus.no one is obligated to it. If you expect it, you are setting yourself up for failure.

The point is; why would some sucker tell you they’ll tip when they already know they won’t.I gave this guy 1 star the second ride for lying twice, not because he didn’t tip when he said twice he was going to

So you pour a little yellow Gatorade on your seat and say they peed buhahahahaha

:sunglasses::+1:t6: “uber on” pax will always tell u they “tip n but sometimes they b trip n” don’t sweat it make the :moneybag::moneybag:#wisdom#real

When they say it I just smile and thank them and tell them I appreciate it. Then forget they ever said it. That way If they are the .005 % that does actually tip after they say it it can be a surprise :sunglasses:. Have not been driving long but my experience about 99.9 times out of 100 , people that tip just tip without saying they will.

My app it’s not receiving tips, can I get a screen shot of your tip so I can get paid otherwise it goes to Uber not me. And thank you ppl like you make doing Uber worth it, we drivers really appreciate you

Stop expecting tips then you won’t be disappointed when it doesn’t happen

Once again, you may be getting stiffed on the tips by Uber/Lyft! Stop blaming the pax. There have been confirmed instances where drivers actually helped show people how to put the tip on the ride (and saw it get finalized) and the tip never showed up on their end!!!

Handle what? If you are expecting to be tipped, youre in the wrong business. Rideshare is an entitlement now. People tip their witress and bartender, but youre a driver. Youre only supposed to make sure they dont die on the way home. Nothing important at all.

Not expecting to be tipped, just wanted to see how often this happens to people. Relax, just a question. If this is how you talk to people, YOU are in the wrong business.

You obviously never had a passanger ask you, for a charger, aux cable, turn the A/C, the volume like it’s their car, arrived at the pick up address and they take 5 minutes to arrive on your clock, ask you to stop at drive thru Starbucks, load a bunch of stuff in your car. BUT SURE TELL YOUR SELF ITS ONLY DRIVING THEM FROM POINT A TO POINT B AND THATS IT.

The once that tell you that they going to give you 5* or tip you through the app you should know for sure that is not going to happen and you should rate them low