Just cancelled 2nd ride today

So just cancelled 2nd ride today, as pax had children under the age of 8 and no child seats for them…
what is is with parents who have no regard at all for the child’s safety…???
Surely my fellow Lyft drivers are not breaking Florida law???
This effects my acceptance rating and no cancellation fee… :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Are you sure that it’s the law? Many states have taxi laws that let you carry children. Not saying that you did anything wrong. Also, you can make them cancel. If they don’t, I saw some good advice the other day. Wait 5 minutes and then cancel.

You can always make THEM cancel the ride (by asking nicely), then it doesn’t affect your acceptance rate. That’s what other drivers told me that they do. I haven’t had this particular issue myself so I haven’t had the opportunity to see the end response to such a request but just FYI…

you do know there is a difference between acceptance rate and cancelation rate, right? Canceling has nothing to do with acceptance rate

Yeah, you accept. Get there, no car seat, ask them to cancel (doesn’t affect cancellation rate like it does when you cancel). If in excess of the 5 min window, you get cancel fee for driving to thier location to make said discovery. You cancel after accepting and arriving, your cancelation rate rises.

You’ll find it’s lyft policy too, if you get caught, they will de-activate you . It’s a BIG TIME law here in Sea,Wa too and no carseat or booster no ride period!!

Exactly what I mean by unclear laws and no one really knowing, just playing lyft police. Have you checked the law for driving someone else’s child because here in Illinois it’s not the same as driving your own child

Some have found themselves in financial situations where they can’t afford car seats. Not an excuse but an not an excuse but an explanation

I had that problem yesterday. Go under rider review like I did and enter the minor problem. I was credited instantly without having to wait. I have Benn with lyft for a while so that may have helped.

Is it really 8 yrs old? I’ve had many kids with their parents in my car around 8, I always make sure their buckled before leaving but I thought a child seat was for 5-6and younger?

I used to cancel no charge. Fuck that! Wait the 5 mins and cancel. When these dopes get tired of paying $5 every time, they’ll get the message. No car seat? Take a taxi or a bus. It’s drivers who will take them without car seats who make it so hard for those of us who follow the law.

Because public vehicles are the only place they can go without car seats. There are even exceptions to that. I used to drive for a limo company, and small kids had to have a car seat. Listen, if anyone is stupid enough not to protect their children with a carseat I don’t wanna be driving them. To each his own.6

I drive to someone they have a kid so I cancel it goes against me…I drive to someone else they aren’t there I cancel it ALSO goes agaist me…UBER NEEDS TO FIX THIS!!!

As a rider (if there comes a time if I need a ride, or my family or friends) I will tell them to stay the hell away from Lyft and order an uber because of this bullshit cancellation shit! It disgusts me that all of you who work for Lyft would rather fuck over the passenger than to put a dent in your acceptance rate! I keep seeing this on all of these groups and it’s pathetic! It’s not hard to get your acceptance rate back up from one damn trip! What in the holy f@$k?! Seriously!!! I hope something is done about this bs!! Sorry, but not sorry for all the cursing!! Holy hell!!! :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

We are talking about ca ncellation rates after driving (ESPECIALLY through congested cities) to arrive to a ride we cannot take. Fuck over the passenger?! They know better! Kids without car seats are the ultimate fuck you to us drivers. Uber/Lyft, the same goes for both platforms. Driver’s have to follow rules – the same goes for passengers.

Laws are different EVERYWHERE and A LOT of people don’t use ride share unless they are on vaca or doing something in a congested area with no parking like a festival so take public trans there and need a ride home or back to their hotel. They may only be use to taxis, buses, trains, etc, that DON’T REQUIRE A SEAT, and again, every state has different and not so clear laws, so instead of ACCUSING these parents of being horrible parents, (especially to toddler and up, infants should always have the seat for the convertible stroller) maybe you need to stop being so damn judgmental and give ppl the fricking benefit of the doubt! Also, my rant has to do with this and the fact that Lyft drivers force a fee and make their riders cancel even when it’s the drivers fault (constantly see this on these pages) so they don’t get their acceptance rate down and not get their bonuses. This is corrupt and Lyft needs to change this because the almighty dollar is making shady ass crooks out of you people for a dime!

Not corrupt in any way shape or form. As a parent I would NEVER allow a child in my car without a seat. God forbid if you had an accident…and something happened to a baby…I couldn’t live with that regardless of the law…not to mention guess who would be getting sued… Common sense (and uber rules) demand you have a seat for your child. If you call an uber and I show up and you don’t have one then ya…your fault. I showed up…you don’t have what’s required…you pay for my time
I’m just curious how this could possibly be drivers fault when its the parent without the seat haha

I explained above. No further explanation required if you don’t understand, then I don’t know what to tell you. You get that cancelation fee because that’s what matters to you. I’m sure you sleep well at night driving away after arguing with someone that isn’t aware of the rules as they are NOT CLEARLY WRITTEN ANYWHERE FOR RIDE SHARE, and most people assume that the requirements would be THE SAME IN A RIDE SHARE AS THEY ARE IN TAXIS, ON BUSES, ON TRAINS ETC. But you pull up and chew them out on their vaca or whatever and accuse them of being bad, neglectful parents because that they’re not carrying around a car seat at a carnival/festival/etc or while walking around shopping in a downtown area or mall area and they had gotten into a taxi or even ride share on the way there because the driver drove them and they have NO CLUE as to the rules in a particular state. Sleep well in your judgment of others, but I certainly hope that you NEVER do anything wrong or not know a particular rule and are harshly judged and charged for it! Again, get that almighty dollar and treat strangers like shit. Hope it makes you happy!

A big thing is that these people probably don’t own a car. They have been using taxis and buses that don’t require them. So it makes sense why they don’t have one. I’m not saying that they are right but it’s reality.

Contact critical response. Screenshot the picture of the rider. It will not go against you. They will inform the rider that they can’t bring kids without child seats.