Just an FYI Uber is putting ridders on the street just to ask you how you like driving for Uber

If you are like me and a long time driver and not happy about how they have lowered rates repeatedly and increased the booking fee multiple times do not mention that…every time I get asked about Uber and I tell the truth I get reported for professionalism…

I somehow doubt that Über cares enough to put riders in cars to check out drivers. They are so greedy about money I don’t think they would spend the money. I wish they would check on drivers because we have some that need to be eliminated!

I read this in an article…they are employees using uber on personal time but asked to report on their experiences

They do put riders in but you can tell who the Uber riders are dressed nice and always carries a briefcase or a good size Gucci purse. They want to make sure your happy with what your doing.

It’s true I have been approached by LYFT recruiters as riders that told me they get paid to recruit other Uber drivers. I also have had UBER employees as riders ask me random questions. But swear they are apart of the software division or Uber Eats

Pretty much. Other than that when you get a bad report it’s usually cause the riders are just being an ass

How long have you been driving for Uber?

Do you like it?

Where are you from?

Every. Single. Ride.

I am convinced that it’s scripted.

Might just be me, but I’ve always learned that bad-mouthing any company you work for to clients/customers is unprofessional. It’s frowned upon in general; I don’t think people are being planted, I just think people want to discuss positive things over negative in general. As far as being asked questions…don’t we all ask people questions to break the ice during a first meeting?

Yup I have negative to say yet as they have answered all my questions and they pay me so I have nothing to bitch about

It’s called uber listen! It’s the new approach to U/C riders who are employees. Also they can’t rate you, it’s strictly a census session.

It doesnt suprise me! I tell them exactly how i feel! Im to old to hold back or to care. After 10,000 rides i gave myself the right to be honest.

Never EVER bad mouth a company you work for to a customer/pax. That is crapping where you eat. It is an absolute no win situation.

But I know other drivers do it because every day I get at least one rider who tells me all about the negative stuff drivers have told them.

Uber doesn’t employ us we are contract employees… And they can terminate your contract for bad mouthing them. Just because you’re not an “employee” doesn’t mean that there are no rules you, as a contractor, have to abide by.

There are far more professional ways of informing or educating the public that do not include negative representation, truth or otherwise, of the name, trademark, logo and product that you are choosing, in your own free will, to represent.

Totally Agreed with Tracy!! When people ask me I try to make it short lived because i dont want to spend the drive talking about uber. On the other hand if they want to keep asking questions i will tell them my honest thoughts. The company sucks! The idea is genius, the pay 2 years ago was fair for drivers and riders but at this point basically no respect for the drivers! None!!

Everything is not rosie out here in this world. We’d all be fooling ourselves if we dont educate people of companies real practices, I dont care what company. Most people dont love their job or the company, they do it cause the have to survive. That doesnt mean you have keep quite about the goings on in a company. Expression is healthy for all involved. No matter what form. Most drivers dont understand cause they are new to rideshare. Most drivers quit after 6 months, cause of the low pay, the stress etc. Oh yeah its fun in the begining. Is it unethical for uber to not put a tip option, or is it? It goes both ways. Dont judge me. This is America Free Speech.

I think Uber is doing a well enough job on its own and doesn’t need my help. But I also think for the radicals to do things like chain themselves to headquarters and disrupt business to the point where the CEO had to step down from the panel, well, thanks guys, no it wasn’t the best company to represent rideshare, perhaps, but it was somebody. So now we don’t have any voice at all to agree with or contest with as the case may be, with the Presidents ideas. The same radicals want to keep exercising their free speech to the pax, that’s fine go ahead, eventually they will get deactivated on their own for bad professionalism ratings. More fares for me.

Everybodys different and everyplace is different. I never said is was negative. It simply not fair. Soon Im going to cut way back on my driving. Since they slashed pricing is horrible. Most people also do night time to avoid the horrible traffic. Sometimes you can get surge with no traffic is the best times. But it all depends. Nobody on this forum should criticize anybody because there is so many different reasons why people drive. I know one thing when i started in 2014. Per day i was making 200 to 300 for a 13ish hr day. Now im making about 100.00ish to max 150. Then minus tax and gas etc. New drivers dont understand what fair is. They just care they’re independent!

Yes they do I got one today In Palm Springs. I don’t speak negative about my job so I was not concerned It was a engineered. We did speak about the app. She did tell me when asked yes I work with uber. So yes their out their