I've been sexually assaulted

Has anyone ever had a passenger try to kiss you?
This was the second time except the first one he actually ended up kissing me without asking. Still I would have declined. But just from a personal standpoint has anyone had this happen?

Must have been REALLY drunk :thinking::joy:

you sir are a jerk! You’re not working with much yourself either. Stop being a judgemental asshat! Before you judge someone, maybe take a second to reflect on yourself in a mirror!

Yes. 1st tried to sit up front & then even in the back was leaning up between the seats. Um no sir!

I had a drunk dude try to kiss my hand and actually miss it… Then, he tried to get me to go inside with him xD

Those dudes were either gay or had some serious beer goggle eyes to think you were female :joy:

I had a swinger couple asking me if I participated in threesomes before, my face never felt so heated in my life

Yes. I had a drunk ugly girl who wanted me to close my app and come up stairs with her. I said no. She kiss me on the cheek and how about now. I said no again and get out. 1 star and reporter her to uber

So, if she was attractive, you’d rate her 5 stars? Stay classy, muh dude.

if she was attractive she would’ve gotten 0* stars, no rating for you! I had those am always nice. Wish I could but am gay, and if it’s a gay guy am like if I was gay, hell yes, then 3 stars, never a 1* I mean still nice to asked. Didn’t force it, and am cute so it’s kinda my fault :see_no_evil:

Girl on a pool ride tried to kiss me from the back seat while another pax, a guy, was in the front seat shocked :open_mouth: then another time some guy kissed my boobie :nauseated_face: n the worst thing was this one guy who grabbed my hand n tried to put it on his junk :face_vomiting::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I hope you have a dash cam. You could have the last idiot arrested, but would need evidence for the police to get the pax’s info

A few times. The first time, the guy just kept asking and I was beginning to think I wouldn’t be able to get him out of the car without things getting ugly. He eventually gave up and got out. Had another guy who was drunk but insisted on driving instead of taking the ride with his friends actually lean in through the window and lick my neck (nasty!). The most recent time was one I had insisted his more sober friend ride along because my gut told me he was trouble and sure enough, he unbuckled his seatbelt and lunged forward mid-ride over the armrest trying to kiss me. His friend had to pull him back.

When he tried to sit up front I was like oh no sir please sit in the back…he says Oh I thought we would have a better connection…oh no sir no connection needed

Yes and I slapped the shit out of him & reported him to lyft. I make men sit in the back now since that happened. Report him ASAP

I’m a guy in my early start with Uber 2014 a guy did it to me which i complained to Uber but they did nothing I think Uber is just taking all the money without having anything in place to address all these drivers and riders issues.

twice - once by a drunk woman who put her tongue in my ear and the other was a gay male.

Sick perverts. Sigh…if somebody tries that nonsense, they are gonna catch a vicious elbow.

A girl who had “crispy smooth legs” invited me to run my hand up her leg to feel just how smooth they were. I politely declined, and she was offended that I wouldn’t do it. I just told her that Uber drivers have a “no touch” policy with riders.

Yes I have been. Drunk guy that was bar hopping and it was on my first day. Oh he also sang me song from frozen let it go. This guy was extremely drunk. His buddy was laughing whole time.