It's time for our 2nd Annual Cookout/Pool party



Location (Johns Creek)

Time (2pm-8pm)

Cost ($5 ages 12 and under $10 ages 13 and up)
Ways to pay will be posted in various places
Through out the group.

Please PAY by Wednesday, June 28th so we can have a count of all who are coming.

You can make payments to the following:

PayPal (preferred) send payments Please choose Family and Friends and not goods and services to avoid fees.

Cash app - use $KDSCONSULTANTS as the cash tag when sending payments.

#Areyoucoming?:thinking: #YouDontNeedToBringAnythingButYourOwnBottle

The only reason I know is because one of these old folks hit my car at work and I had to go to the police station Oops…my bad…you are right. I’m so used to grouping everything together because I live up this way

Yaaaaaaayyy!!! Grady’s meat on deck!!! I know I’m specifically putting in on the meat so I can take some home. I was too slow last year. Won’t happen again this year. Lol

I can’t wait to meet all of you. Y’all gotta show me a good time I’m from Alaska and I swear I haven’t met people so nice and welcoming as y’all here in Ga! Everybody got a stick up they butt! Lol

I can look into it no guarantee not trying to get roasted like them folks who say they will show up and don’t I can look into it no guarantee not trying to get roasted like them folks who say they will show up and don’t

Y’all just might make me pull up to one of these events even though I rarely drive… I feel like I’m missing out on all the fun lol

If you on the eastside I can bring you up but you gotta find your way back unless you wanna go home at 730 the next morning

My bestie has a house up on Lake Hartwell - and we usually do the whole 4th thing up there… but who knows - she might rent it out this year. It’s happened before…

Stop it Man!!! I already have have a Man wife and before this goes left like it so often does, IT’S A JOKE PEOPLE.

twist it as you see fit Babygirl. I believe we a on 2 different wave lengths as far as communication. I know where you are going with this and I so refuse to bite.

Damn…one wife is expensive enough…but a man wife though? Geeze those trips to the strip club must get expensive. Lol

Every man has feminine side. Typically the one’s that refuse to beat a woman’s ass or disrespect her on any level. He holds her after sex and actually gives a damn about her day. The guy that will cry with you when you are in pain, feminine ish like that but surely this comes as odd to you huh?

That’s actually true. It’s very natural to have feminine aspects because all babies start as girls in utero before chromosomes actually have any effect on genitalia forming. We all produce the same hormones in different degrees as well. We ladies produce testerone in low amounts to balance estrogen along with other hormones, the same applies to men in reverse.

When you have lived long enough you learn things about people and yourself. I see some many women in jacked up situations because the definition of a real Man is not understood. Women from my past still confide in me for this very reason. I try to set bars so no matter what she walks away knowing how a Man should treat her. You were very detailed and very correct.

I was just joking about the man wife, but you consider man feminine because he doesn’t beat a woman’s ass or is disrespect her on any lvl? What does that have to do with feminine? Lol

It’s deeper than that Ja Moorehead. “Typically”, not “all”. I’m a Sociology major so I get people. All people. It’s deeper than that Ja Moorehead. “Typically”, not “all”. I’m a Sociology major so I get people. All people.

Let me get my head braided up… Won’t catch me slippin… Having my wig come off like that girl :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: no sir…

Bruh!!! Shorty wig legit came all the way off!!! And then she yelled at me talking about why you post that? I should’ve took a picture :camera: so they’d believe it was me​:thinking::thinking::thinking::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:

Yea I was guessing it was going to the food cost. Nobody trying to feed these hungry ass drivers that starve themselves for a pool ride :joy::joy:

Hey now! Why are you moving, if you don’t mind me asking? =) I’m from Cali and have only been here for a little over a year. But I can tell that this may probably not be a ‘forever’ place for me. Curious about other locations including the DC area.