It's time for our 2nd Annual Cookout/Pool party


(Mitchel) #21

At the time jobs everywhere, rent was crazy low… Great place to raise my 4 babies… They are grown now so I’m just ready to do something different!

(Haris_McMan) #22

If I come. Y’all smoking weed and hookas like they do at the RAA? #askingforafriend I’m not bringing my kids around that IJS… You know it is johns creek… They arrest y’all up that way​:point_up_2:t4::point_up_2:t4::point_up_2:t4::joy::joy::joy::joy::man_judge:t4::man_judge:t4:

(Amanda Halen) #23

I should warn you. This subdivision is very…how can I say it… Huxtable-ish.

I wouldn’t try and drink any Crown Royal Apple flavored whiskey or smoke anything stronger than Capri cigarettes when you get there.

(Maurice Nixon) #24

Drinking is one thing but all of that fighting is out of the question. We had drinks last year and we had a good time!!! This year should be the same!!!

(Andrew Martin) #25

I love the water… I love food… Soooo… Yes, I plan on being there. I haven’t been to one get together yet. I can’t wait to meet many of my rideshare partners. :grinning:

(Kimberly Nelson) #26

no cash at the door. Anyway, you won’t know the address until you pay so it won’t be no just showing up!!! Not that kind of party!!!

(Sharon Green) #27

is it possible to edit the original post and include the image of additional information? Or paste the txt of the addt’l info to the original post?

(Sue Cooper) #28

Please PAY by Wednesday, June 28th so we can have a count of all who are coming.

You can make payments to the following:

PayPal (preferred) send payments to Please choose Family and Friends and not goods and services to avoid fees.

Cash app - use $KDSCONSULTANTS as the cash tag when sending payments.

Google Wallet - please use as the email address to send to.

(Donna Harris) #29

The reason I mentioned to add it to the original post was because someone will probably say they didn’t see it…comments are getting thick.

(Michaela Biksacky) #30

Alright everyone!!! The planning is in effect!!! We are just waiting on you to make your payment so we can put you on the list!!! Remember it is family friendly so your babies and grown kids :slight_smile:️ are welcome!!!

(Sheena Washington) #31

I just want to mention that the cost is not just for food. I have to hire lifeguards as well. So please be aware of that. This is why we are asking everyone to pitch in with the $10 per adult and $5 per child, even if you are still planning on bringing your own food.

(Brendan Halai) #32

For those who are attending, if you haven’t already done so, please go to pinned post and click “going” so we will have an estimate of who will attend.

PS…it’s not an RSVP of you don’t pay by the 28th. Thanks

(William Murphy) #33

If enough people RSVP and pay in advance and you’ve exceeded your food budget… Will the less unfortunate driver’s be expected to also pay. Maybe we can have a reduced lunch barbeque.

(Graham Sandy) #34

Last year each one of the six pack donated close to $200 each to cover food and expenses. I don’t think we are anywhere near the food budget at this point :eyes:

(Mathew Boolean) #35

Well we will all see who will be there when we show up!!! And again, if they are your family, wouldn’t you know in advance that they will be there anyway!?!?!

(Trish Richardson) #36

Oh wow! I can imagine how she feels because it’s just me and my brother and I know how I would be as well!!! I know she’s happy you are there for her!!

(Lance Rodriguez) #37

We have 2 days left to pay!!! If you plan on attending, please make your payment by the 28th!!! We will NOT accept payments after that date!!! #SixPack

(Melinda Foster) #38

my son can’t make it, so I would like to donate his ticket to someone in the group that needs it. Maybe they have a large family or something.

BTW, I would still like to take him a plate if that’s okay. :grin:

(Bector Ernest) #39

But for real, I’m sorry I’m going to miss out yet again on seeing my Rideshare Family. Already had something set up this weekend. :cry:. But soon hopefully my schedule will synch with y’all. I need to see who’s cat fishing these people!

(Kelly Hector) #40

Oh definitely not. Just another fish in this pond. Working on my next moves to ditch the pond for my own private lake