It used to go to the closest driver. Now it goes to the next in line?

Sooooooo, I never really tried this before accept in areas where there are no close Ubers… If someone is sitting in my car and request and Uber or standing at a store with me and request an Uber how does it go to another driver lol ? I am obviously the closest driver. Maybe I don’t understand how their partnering algorithm works. Pardon if this has already been asked I couldn’t find it in the search option

That is interesting, I wonder how you determine next in line in a city like Atlanta. If on Krog St. And someone at Ticonderoga and the next in line is off Edgewood…how does that better serve the Pax… They give those Bullshit answers about us canceling causes longer wait times…well so does this algorithm if that is how it works

Now it goes by next in line? If that was the case companies like uzurv would be out of business if the pick up was in a populated area requesting Uber.

So Ashley is basically saying that there are geo fences all over Atlanta that keeps track of next in line(que) ? Can I see some references on that?

No I’m basically saying that uber tracks us wherever we are. I’m sure the computer system keeps track of stuff like that

But it wouldn’t be next in line all over the city. Areas that are next in line as of now are suntrust and the airport. Supposedly suntrust is being worked on, eventually they’ll figure out what they want to do.

I agree with the moving around…but I kinda wanna do some snooping into their system and see want the algorithm is…you know how much bandwidth it would take to be able to track all of us, have separate ques for each sector they divide the city in… Maybe that is where the other part of their overhead comes in at. The storage space they need to run this system

Even at the AP the next in line thing isn’t in effect when a driver is at the terminal he or she gets the ride even if there’s 120 people in que

You get the ride within 2 mins if you have just dropped someone off. It’s to better serve the customer. Why ding someone 10 to 15 mins or more away and a driver is right There? Is what they’re figuring and it helps us out s well. If you are outside of that 2 mins after making your drop, you enter back into the que

So many different algorithms that they use and I’m sure they are constantly changing, unless someone knows for a fact it is all speculation.

It is. If you and I are close but one is a little further, it will look at the ratings. If your actually closer but my rating is higher, it will send it to me.

They don’t want us messing with their little efficiency machine.

I really don’t get why they are against pre-arranged rides. The customers just end up offering cash when they can’t get you, which circumvents Uber entirely

I went for 3 days before I realized they screwed my XL only profile… I got it fixed, but they definitely control the pings, I know that now. It’s definitely not closest available driver anymore. It’s more like “highest rated closeby driver with the lowest cancellation rate”

Unless there was a 4.94 around.

I’ve been told that rating plays a factor now, more than before… but it’s not the only factor. I couldn’t quite get a straight answer.

Most drivers are not above a 4.93 lol. But it is of course possible…but highly unlikely… lol. Atleast I think. Maybe only 10% of drivers are over a 4.9 right?

Newbs usually have a high rating - what better way to get them stoked on rideshare than to throw a bunch of work at them?

Logically I’d put more weight into someone’s acceptance rate rather than their rating in a ping algorithm. That’s just me though. I know lyft does it .

It still goes by closest. But - doesn’t always work if you or the rider have an iffy cell signal or are on different cell carriers. And goes completely to shit when you have a high concentration of drivers in an area (Las Vegas Strip for example)

I have been able to do it in Lithonia, Ellenwood, Douglasville, Canton…but hell I guess in those areas I was probably the closest and the first in Que lol

That explains why majority of my trips are 10 minutes away…even when im doing uber eats i try and park at a restaurant that i know is busy all the time and it sends me somewhere else

If your to close to a pax they wont send it to you. Because they doont allow for pax to request a certain driver. So when your close to a pax and they send a request they wil send it to the next closet driver. To make sure you and that pax arent trying to work together. For example if you knew what time and where 10 different pax would be you could schedule your self to be out front of the pick up and get the ride everytime. Pax could call you and tell you they need a ride and to come there and they will wait till you get there to request a ride. So for uber to make sure that nobody is getting private pax and getting all the rides they will not send you a pax that is already that close to you 9 times out of 10 somebody is going to get that ride. I had a lady once in my car already trying to get a ride from me and she order it 4 times and it went to somebody else all 4 times.