It used to go to the closest driver. Now it goes to the next in line?


(Graham Sandy) #21

Well they way that happened. I made a rookie mistake. I accepted a pax and I called my pax to let them know i was stoping to get gas befor i came to them and i would be to them shortly. My pax told me where she was and that she would be standing outside waiting. I could tell she was a younger white lady. So when i went to pick up my pax there was another white lady standing where my ping was and she was there only person i saw on the street. she was also waiting on a uber who had a sliver car as well. After seeing here standing there and i could tell she was waiting on a ride i assume she was the lady i just spoke to and i picked her up
And her not pay attention either she seen my sliver car and that i was uber and assume i was her driver. So she got in and i started the trip. And 2 mins later my real pax cancel and me and her was both trying to figure out what happend because she didnt cancel so we realize that she was the wrong pax and i was the wrong driver. So i pulled over so we could try and get it strated out. So she cancel her original ride and she then tryed to order a new 1 4 times and it skip me all 4 times and she was siting in my backseat. So since i didnt verfiy her name when she got in i just told her dont worry about it i would just drop her off. She stayed about 10 mins away from where i picked up from and when i droped her off she gave me 10 dollars which is more than i would of mad off my original pax because my original pax was only going 6 mins away and its more than i would of made if i was surpose to get her because she was only 10 mins away and less than 2 miles so i actually gain money from that mistake but it also cost me .4 off my raiting because the original pax i was surpose to get cancel and gave me 1 start and it took me down from a 4.85 to a 4.81. So to all new drivers and even old ones never assume and always ask and verfiy you are picking up the right person.

(Mathew Boolean) #22

I normally do always ask or verify but that day and at that time i just assume she was the person i was picking up and i was wrong.

(Trish Richardson) #23

When that happens, just have them walk past the front or rear of your vehicle a little ways away from your vehicle and try again. That normally works. If they are in the car or right beside it, they will skip over your car just about every time.

(Lance Rodriguez) #24

Most answers to this post are so horribly wrong it isn’t even funny.

[Deleted the actual way that this works, as poster decided to be a jerk. No approach responding to this post is correct, though a couple of thoughts are on the right track.]

(Melinda Foster) #25

have you physically inspected the algorithms Uber uses? If not, I would suggest you are speculating ‘horribly wrong’ as well. The fact is no one knows the ‘assignment’ algorithm except a bunch of engineers at Uber. Personally, I have experienced less frequent pings of late.

(Bector Ernest) #26

Nope, they obviously won’t share algorithms, and no one has had good answers (yes, Uber has been asked). Yes, I have actually scienced it, as have many others. The answers are from observation and hold true when others evaluate.

Feel free to search. It’s not like the thoughts are entirely original, but good luck separating the bs from the real.

Only reason I replied in the first place was Lamont took the time to search and then asked. shrug Y’all enjoy the circle jerk, I’ll go make money.

(Kelly Hector) #27

One thing that Uber has no control over but significantly dependant on their ‘assignment’ algorithm is the GPS accuracy of your smart phone. This can be OFF by a couple hundred yards. I know this because I worked on the cruise missile program for the USN as a DoD contractor. We had to string together multiple GPS receivers to sum-out positional error for improved accuracy. Also, you will experience even larger positional error when near tall buildings, e.g. Mid-town, due to GPS signals reflecting off a building down the street. Apple and Android didn’t program for this.

(Jack Dolen) #28

There are many former Uber engineers who could verify this question. I once read a very long and detail description of the Uber software architecture on Reddit. The guy did say that it’s constantly changing but also stressed that availability of the system was the primary driver (no pun) to any software change.

(Lisa Markee) #29

Not sure if I read that particular post, but I’ve followed many similar on the usual subreddits. No one knows 100%, absolutely, likely not even most Uber devs realistically, and it definitely is not static, but claiming to be all-knowing and being correct on the parts I’m asserting are two vastly different things; I never claimed the former. Objectively, the reasons, logic, and advice in this thread prior to my response are demonstrably faulty or critically incomplete, every single one I read.

I was asked to stfu, I obliged. If the thread doesn’t actually seek accurate information, I’ve got no interest in the disrespect and bs. I do appreciate your responses, however.

(Christian Odom) #30

Yeah, they wanted to stop drivers from pre-arranging rides with passengers. So if they’re within a certain range or sitting in your car you won’t get the fare.

(Brahim Decker) #31

The terminology used by a rep was they wanted to make sure of the uber experience… meaning randpm ping vs prearranged.