It' s not worth it to give pax free shit

See… Ive said it once and then time and time again. Uber dooooose nooooottttt fuckin pay you enough to be giving these fucking pax free shit. Stop giving these fuckers free shit. For what? A fuckin 5 star? A fucking 1 dollar tip? Da fuck is wrong with yall. Im not here to kiss your ass. Im not here to entertain you. Im not here to be your friend. Bitch Im here because ya cheap ass aint takin a taxi or cab and ya friends aint shit so you have to Uber to get to your destination. Yall keep throwing money away and hustling backwards for a 4 dollar (depending on your market) flat fare. Imma keep it G with my pax and explain why this is some shit Uber/Lyft needs to stop promoting as a way to better the pax Uber experience. Man fuck that. As a full time 1000s plus a week driver 4.92 I might add… Let me be the first to say fuck that shit. These people secretly think their better than you and dont realize half the time we do this because we want to. I know 4.5 drivers still activated and we all read posts about 4.9 or 5.0 riders being deactivated for bullshit like under the influence or professionalism. The drivers who do that free shit verse the ones who don’t seem not to understand they are the main ones who created this Uber cultural cluster fuck of a nightmare. Why do you think pax slam your doors or scream at the windows in traffic? They dont respect you. And here you go with the free shit thinkin somehow it makes it better for you. No… It doesn’t. It only means you have to pull ya dumb asses over and make sure they didn’t spill it or drop paper or crumbs on the floor and in ya fuckin seat just incase the next dumpster fire comes along to rate you for an unclean car or quality. I dont respect the drivers who go above and beyound for a company that is fucking you with no grease. So why do I drive full time? Simple. The fucking money. Not a damn thing else. Fuck the pax fuck the companys fuck a surge just pay me. You got no aux coming no candy no water no free shit. Hell… You cant even eat or drink in my car period. Yall killin yaself meanwhile Im over here with this steady 4.92 to 4.94 depending on how Im feeling this week with my crew and we bringing 1k or better a week like yall mufuckas stupid if you giving out free shit. The statement is so real Im just gonna post it so the whole fuckin room to see it. I welcome the opposition. My only response will be why? Why do you do it? Why give someone you dont know free shit for doing your “job” right? This is already a discounted ride. Uber is nutting on all of our faces but as you know in every porn one bitch will always swallow. Bitch stop swallowing. Fun fact. In the south and probably at this point the entire country, gas has went up an average of 71 cents in the last 2 weeks due to hurricanes. It’s currently costing you a few more dollars a day to operate. In the south we where put on a state of an emergency. Why Uber capping surges on Fri and Sat nights? In NC we had 2 weeks in a row where the surge never got over 1.8. No matter what. Think about it.
Uber got hit few months back for surging after a mass shooting or something and then again at NY airports during the Muslim ban protests so when there is a state of emergency Uber now puts it at no higher than 1.8. They figured drivers would take advantage of misplaced people during a crisis. But if people are out getting drunk in mass volume why would you cap the surge even if the state is in SOE? If your state was one of many that never got over 1.8 last weekend or the 2 weekends before that then that means you just got raped and robbed. Maybe I got a little off the subject but let that sink in. Stop giving free shit because the companies and the pax are fucking you and you are the one left holding all the costs and liability. Why do you think London is pushing them out? Taxi industy? Perhaps a part of it. Maybe. But unfit business practices is mainly the large argument. Their public statement is bullshit. 40k drivers are depending on us yo make a living. Yes they are. But you dont give a fuck about 40k drivers until it benefits the corporation? Millions of riders will protest in the streets? Yes… Yes they will because they will be back to being charged regular fares instead of being cheap and not tipping with no way to rate and get free shit the driver is paying for to get a ride. Even if it means we go on the chopping block Im with it and IM A FULL-TIME DRIVER. This needs to happen. I hope they do get banned. Just maybe it will reverse this nightmare. Maybe pax will respect you more if its reinstated. Maybe the Driveshare coorperations will increase their prices and compete squarely in a free market. You are the ones holding the bag when the car needs or you need. They dont give out Christmas bonuses? Fuck them. Even if the pax is the one utterly feeding my family I still say fuck them because at the end they are taking advantage of a market that slave drives its source of revenue. The driver. YOU. Even if cities and states are different why do they offer more or less incentives in your city verse mine or the fares different and higher in SF verse Atl? The market is bias. Why do they give you guarantee for some and not others for weekend pay? Why do they leave you with airport fees plus 25% deductions? They have made billions off us and we cant get a dime for every 1k rides? But they want us to give a pax a snack like its fucking kindergarten? Man these pax can kiss my ass. Before tipping came about you would pray that free shit got you a tip. But if it didn’t you would be mad they took it. Hell nahh… Fuck em. A to B is all I do. Be lucky I even accepted ya ride ya cheap bastard.

I yield $800 in tips a week (work 60hrs) so I’ll keep giving free shit away

but you don’t see the free water Caprisuns condoms cigarettes swishers dip tampons pregnancy test plan b(not free) sanitizer karokee guitar 2 wireless mics massage chairs Nintendo 64 etc

Upgraded to the wireless mics for karokee and now have a guitar. Everything looks crazy in the video but it’s professional .don’t care tbh. You’re the 1% who don’t like it and that’s fine. But as long as the money I could care less. You can’t please everyone

Nice, Unfortunately people are too stuck up and butt hurt in my market for all that lol Washington dc. But I’ll be excited for that ride,except when I get off work and want a nice quiet ride home

thanks and you’ll love the massage chairs and the ability to pick some music when you get off work. The lights are activated by high volume music so if you have the volume down. Only one light will work and it’s in the 3rd row seat area.

Lol. I got you beat. Mostly cash though and about the same earnings. And no free shit. Just saying it don’t matter. Also… Don’t means do not and does not… So it’s also being used correctly here. Cheers!!

Ok… Now THAT is how you do a rant! You covered all the major bases, and very well I might add! Excellent work, how about a water? I was worried he might have worked up a sweat on that one and dehydrated himself

you too mad about what other people are doing on a sunday morning, maybe you should have your blood pressure checked.

If you are making so much money and have such a great rating, why are you so angry about how other drivers run their business? Life is a lot less stressfull if you just mind your own…

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I drive people where they need to go that’s my job. I’m down for a conversation about what ever, play music, or hand you an aux cord. That’s because I am out here to make money and have a good time. That’s why I have a 4.97 rating. I only do this part time and love it. Don’t have bad rides or I forget them cause I don’t have the energy for that bull. All while making a ton of money for a side hustle. Btw I don’t give away free shit and don’t really understand why people do. Shit we even have companies here giving drivers free shit to give out and I don’t even see why that’s worth my time almost all my passengers already tip me generously. All I have to say is do your job and maybe even put on a smile. A lot of you always seem to be so salty it’s probably because your putting so much into such an easy request.

Notice, it’s always the drivers without amenities who are the “salty” ones though. I have yet to see a driver with amenities say anything negative about the drivers who choose to keep it plain… Too bad the same amount of respect isn’t reciprocated…

Oh I think both sides of that spectrum have their salty ones. Some people are new drivers and look for help and I would hate to make them think they have to go out and spend more money to make more. For some that may be what they need but otherwise keep it simple and have fun.

Have you ever seen a driver with amenities actually put down a driver without them on this page though? That was my point. Lots of the opposite goes on though, this post being a prime example.

I don’t think it’s not respect. Just some of us think it’s over the top. Our job is to drive from point A to point B. Not be their best friend. If I wanted to cater to people I’d get a catering business.

it doesn’t matter “what you think” though. It’s not your car and not your money. And it most certainly is disrespectful to people to be told they are idiots, morons, dummies, and all the other not-so-nice things I have seen them called on this page if they have amenities…

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A water costs like 15 cents a bottle. Get ur cheap ass outta here​:joy::joy::joy:. How bout this? You do what you want in your car and I’ll do what I want in mine. She mad cuz pax be talkin about the waters and sweets they get with other drivers. If you carry water, you know that the majority of people don’t even take it. I spend $3.50 a week on water and like $20 every 60 days on candy just to keep the stock up. You making 1000s plus every week but u in here writin’ books about a cheap ass water.

I’m a 4.5 driver for the longest, I have been temporarily deactivated due to false pax claims. I’m not even as mad as you at these companies, still no water and no free candies from me, I dont care if its only 1 cent still my money, we need to get better pay or the only ones left driving will be LUX vehicles at X prices.

The chief way we show respect is through the way we communicate. A profanity-laced, denigrating, name-calling, screaming rant expresses great disrespect for the reader. Gerren’s disgraces his uniform, his service, and his own character. Veterans KNOW real respect, and we give it and expect it. (I agree with his thesis, however)

hat if you only drive like five hours a week. Im really only like to make like 75 to 100 a week. Sometimes not even that much. Should i still be expected to supply snacks and water and shit. I mean im not a full time driver pulling in like 800 a week or more. I mean honestly if i was pullin like a G a week driving i honestly would feel kinda obligated to at least offer water or something. A G a week is decent money for sitting on your ass without a boss. I just feel us super part timers arent really making the money to make it seem like a priority.