Is this Florida Uber driver falsely accused of rape?

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Former Uber driver, Gary Kitchings, 58 years old married man from Brevard County, was arrested by Jupiter Police and charged with false imprisonment, one count of burglary with assault or battery and two counts of sexual battery with a deadly weapon or physical force. The alleged victim accusing him stated that he picked her up from the May SunFest and on the way home kidnapped her, battered her and raped her in the car and in her home. Kitching's, a married foster care parent was removed from Uber, as well as losing his foster care status, was living and working as a house parent for KidSanctuary Campus, a West Palm Beach foster home. Kitchings defense attorney stated that the encounter was for consensual sex and was fun and exciting. After he dropped off the passenger at her home, he went on to pick up another rider from West Palm Beach and drove them to Wellington.

The case might have been a done deal, but for one disturbing piece of evidence, the victim failed to state that she is in the middle of a similar rape charge case in NYC. The defense accuses the prosecution from hiding this fact and request to question the woman about her involvement in that case as well as her involvement in an SM site using the profile name "Sugar Baby."

Due to the release of the fact that the alleged victim was in fact involved in another rape case, Chief Circuit Judge Krista Marx, ordered Palm Beach County Jail to release Kitching's on bail to house arrest for $250,000, however until Friday Kitching's was still in jail, having no ability to pay the bond. The Judge also allowed Kitchings lawyers the right to question the accuser of her activities in the Manhattan hotel case, the trial has been delayed until March 21st, 2018.

The prosecution wants to focus the case on the fact the Kitchings, a former foster care parent who also drove for Uber, became violent during the ride at the woman and her yapping dog. He forced her at gunpoint to have sex with her. Kitchings stated that the woman was aggressive, and not him and conceded that he had sex with her while being a married man.

The accuser stated that the New York rape case was a date that went wrong, but she failed to explain why her past in a sadomasochism site she was a member of, or why the NY case was kept secret during the trial. Kitchings lawyer claims that the NYC case will be the base of their defense and as such have been in contact with the defendant in that case. Sanjay Tripathy, a 47-year-old married Harvard alumnus, technology millionaire from North Carolina has been on bail with a $750,000 bond after being accused of locking the same woman in a room in the W Hotel in Manhattan, choking her and performing sexual acts on her. Tripathy's lawyer stated that the meeting between his client and his accuser was through the Sugar Daddy website and all the evidence pointed to 'he said, she said' case.

However, now that the second trial has come up, both cases will support each other, since they point to a pattern of operation that the accuser is now in the face of. Both lawyers will now share notes and compare cases. It seems that the accuser was not patient enough to wait out her lies and tried to get another patsy lined up for more money.

Since the new information that came to light points at the "he said she said" kind of case, the accuser's credibility is now in question, and it is up to the prosecution to prove that the encounter was not consequential. The prosecution will not comment on the new findings.

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