Is there any driver who is actually having no issues nd enjoying this job?


(Haris_McMan) #1

Is there any driver who is actually having no issues nd enjoying this job? This is hillarious, I am getting sick after 2 weeks of driving… you really see al the problems of this world while driving all different people.

(Jack Dolen) #2

Almost 4 years in. It pays my bills and I’m my own boss. You are your own worst enemy when it comes to getting the motivation to go out and work.

(Mark Moore) #3

I enjoy it. This sounds cliche but it’s the truth: I’m 3 months in and it allows me a chance to meet new people / hear their stories etc. I don’t make a huge amount because I live in a smaller city and I’m part time. If you are “sick of driving” after 2 weeks maybe it’s not for you.

(Kelly Hector) #4

Many drivers last 90 days… it’s not for everyone.

(Bector Ernest) #5

I do it part time and love it.if you don’t like dont do one is making you.give it a chance

(Jonathan Green) #6

3rd year driver. I love everything about it (except for the noobs who screw everything up)

(Peter Nelson) #7

Been doing that for 2 1/2 years part time. Great source of income. I love driving anyway.

(Melinda Foster) #8

Granted I’m only 1 month in but I love it. No real issues for me…yet. It pays my bills and I get to set my schedule which is perfect with a 4 and 1 year old plus a husband that works overnights

(Harold Young) #9

My only complaint is that the service is undervalued and should cost and pay more. Other than that, I enjoy the work.

(Dennis Scott) #10

I really enjoy driving it relaxes me, and I get to see areas and neighborhoods that I have only seen on Television I also get to meet a lot of really nice people of course it’s not always like that but most of the time it is, my full time job is Working security at the port of Los Angeles which at times can be very stressful and dangerous

(Jerry Hall) #11

I love what I do… doesn’t mean I’m happy with all the changes but I have to deal with it, if it gets too much I just get another job :woman_shrugging:

(Timothy Clark) #12

Then quit…that way we don’t have to hear how much you don’t like a job listed as side hustle money…

(Harris Frank) #13

I love it, but I only drive one night a week :slightly_smiling_face:

(Eric Moore) #14

Yeah. I enjoy the work. I appreciate the extra cash. I know I can work as little or as much as I wish. My vehicle is perfect for it economically.

I don’t personally find the passengers very interesting. But I will talk to chatters if they want. Otherwise I can enjoy music, can legally cruise and get paid to do it.

(Jill Aron) #15

I actually do enjoy it a lot but I also live in San Diego which is one of the chillest places in the world so like 90% of my riders are cool as shit.

(Jose Hernandez) #16

Been driving full time for 16 months in a non metropolitan area and love it for the most part. Killeen, TX area

(Anderson Lee) #17

You’re getting sick?

(Kenneth Miller) #18

I am not exactly getting sick, but it is just hard for me to beliave what human beings actually do to each other, especially beside their backs…

(Paul Garcia) #19

I drive in the LA area and yes people are quite cruel to each other. There could be an interesting study if they collected some of our stories as a way to counteract some of the things happening in our society.

(David Smith) #20

I drive a city bus as my main job. Now, that is where you see s**t you don’t want to see. Über driving is easy compared to that. Going to be quitting the bus driving soon.